CUHK LAW Teaching and Learning Seminar – ‘Going Digital – Developing a Virtual Teaching and Learning Strategy’ (Online)


26 May 2022


4:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Online via ZOOM


Prof. Steven Gallagher, Professional Consultant, Professor of Practice in Law, CUHK LAW

Prof. Michael Lower, Professional Consultant, Associate Professor of Practice in Law, CUHK LAW


Event Details:

The Directions in Virtual Teaching and Learning the Law project looks at the issues that a Law Faculty Virtual Learning (‘VTL’) Strategy needs to address and the available options. The presenters interviewed Law School Deans and Associate Deans, as well as others who have played a leadership role in developing VTL. We have reviewed the relevant literature. In this seminar, we present our interim findings and conclusions.

A VTL strategy needs to acknowledge the lessons we learned during the Covid 19 lockdowns. Our assumption is that, for the foreseeable future, most Law Schools will mainly seek to integrate virtual and face-to-face teaching and learning and assessment: our focus is principally on developing a strategy for developing the blended environment in which we currently work.

A VTL strategy will have to address:

  • the balance between online and face-to-face teaching and learning;
  • consider which teaching and learning practices have proved effective;
  • professional development for teachers;
  • integrating other professionals (such as IT experts and learning designers into the teaching team);
  • developing students’ digital literacies;
  • assessment methods in the virtual environment;
  • developing student capabilities to operate in the blended environment;
  • listening to the student voice when thinking about teaching and learning practices and assessment; and
  • opportunities for new courses and reaching new groups of students.

Thinking and practice is fast developing so there needs to be a strategy for keeping these issues under constant review as well as engaging in sector-wide dialogue with other Law Schools.

The Directions in Virtual Teaching and Learning the Law project is funded by the University under the Funding Scheme for Virtual Teaching and Learning. Steven Gallagher and Michael Lower are the co-supervisors; Dr. Jenny Chan is providing support as a Research Assistant.


Language: English