Book Talk – ‘The Timing of Guilty Pleas: Lessons from Common Law Jurisdictions (Cambridge University Press, 2023)’ by Prof. Kevin Cheng (Online)


15 Jun 2023


1:00 pm – 2:00 pm


Online (Zoom)



Prof. Kevin Cheng, Associate Professor, CUHK LAW


Prof. Luke Marsh, Associate Professor, CUHK LAW

Event Details:

Students and stakeholders reasonably have high expectations for a university education, and those expectations have challenged universities to respond in ways that are evidence-based and future-facing.

The response from universities will require us to focus on what we offer as an “experience,” to design it with intention, and to ensure that the experience produces real learning. Prof. Jeff Grabill, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student Education at the University of Leeds, will draw on insights from his book, Design for Change in Higher Education, to articulate an approach to learning design (as experience design). To ground that approach in some examples, he will draw from recent experiences at the University of Leeds with its large scale educational transformation strategy to highlight changes in assessment, in particular, that have significant impact on student learning outcomes, focusing on the affordances of digital technologies to support formative assessment of learning.


Language: English