50th EE Anniversary Distinguished Lecture "My Journey From An Engineering Student to An Entrepreneur" by Mr WONG Wai-kay


8 Oct 2021


5:30pm – 7pm (Registration starts @ 5:15pm)


T.Y. WONG Lecture Theatre, CUHK


Mr Wong Wai-kay, Ricky

Biography of Speaker:

Mr. WONG Wai-kay, Ricky possesses extensive and successful experience in telecom market liberalization, popularizing advanced technology and applications. Currently, Mr. Wong leads the Group to develop eCommerce, building Hong Kong’s largest online shopping mall and digital ecosystem “HKTVmall”, to provide one-stop shop services including online shopping, marketing & digital advertising, big data analysis, smart logistics & fulfilment as well as physical O2O stores, and to transform all business operation, trading, retail, finance and daily life onto a single digital online platform.  Mr. Wong is also leading the Group to explore business opportunities to global markets, assisting overseas traditional supermarkets or retailers to enter into digital retailing with our eCommerce knowledge, experiences and technical knowhow. 

Event Details:

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Department of Electronic Engineering, a series of Distinguished Lecture will commence starting October this year. 

Synopsis of Lecture:

“Through the sharing of my personal entrepreneurship journey, I hope to give insights to the students to rethink why you want to be an entrepreneur, what academic background and skills and most importantly, what characters and preparation that are essential for an entrepreneur.”


Language: Cantonese