10 Nov 2021

Preparation for Term 2 2021–22

10 Nov 2021

Dear colleagues and students,

Preparation for Term 2 2021–22

Firstly we would like to thank the many staff and students who have submitted information to the COVID-19 Vaccination/Regular Testing Report System (VTR) over the past few weeks. Over 80% of our staff and students have responded and of those that have reported, 95% have indicated they have at least one vaccine dose.

The end of Term 1 is only a few weeks away and Term 2 course registration for undergraduates will start next Monday.  As we gear up for Term 2, it is important that you are aware of CUHK’s measures in response to the pandemic and the preparation for the commencement of Term 2.

Face-to-Face Teaching Mode
Assuming Hong Kong continues to record no local infections, the default mode of delivery of teaching and learning will be in person and on campus for all classes offered in Term 2 202122. There will not be any special teaching arrangements for students who cannot return to campus. Faculty, staff and students should strictly observe the University’s guidelines on COVID-19 prevention measures when attending face-to-face meetings, classes, or examinations.

Students Currently Not in Hong Kong
Students who are currently still outside Hong Kong, including in places defined by the HKSAR Government as Group A, should prepare to travel to Hong Kong for face-to-face classes prior to the commencement of Term 2, or as soon as practicable for programmes with special term patterns (see the almanac for UG & PG). Ample time should be allowed for vaccination and compulsory quarantine requirements as detailed in the HKSAR Government’s COVID-19 website.  A need-based, one-off allowance may be provided for non-local undergraduates who are required to undergo self-monitoring in a hotel (up to a maximum of HK$200 x 7 days).

Holiday Break
Students who are currently attending classes in Hong Kong are strongly advised to stay in Hong Kong during the Christmas and New Year break.  This will prevent any delay in joining your face-to-face classes in Term 2. Students planning on leaving Hong Kong are reminded to pay attention to compulsory quarantine requirements imposed on inbound arrivals to Hong Kong and any resulting delays that could adversely impact your academic progression in Term 2.  

Campus Access from Term 2
To safeguard the health and safety of the University community, members who do not submit a vaccination report/14-day regular testing results will be denied campus access from Term 2.  Students who do not submit vaccination details or testing results will only be able to choose from a very limited number of online courses, and enrolment in all face-to-face courses will be cancelled.

Relevant departments/units and programme from across CUHK have been actively following up the status of outstanding vaccination reports/regular testing results. In December, this information will be verified against Term 2 CUSIS enrolments.

It has come to our attention that some students have already separately submitted information regarding their vaccination status directly to the University for other reporting purposes such as hostel residence requirements. In these cases, next month administrative units will be asked to make submissions to the VTR system on behalf of students who have already provided information. That said, as it only takes two minutes for individuals to submit to the VTR portal, students would still be very welcome to make a submission directly now, which will minimise the possibility of any disruption to course enrolments due to missing online submission.

Regular Testing
For those who are certified as unfit to be vaccinated due to medical reasons self-testing kits may be purchased at affordable rates.  The online FAQ will be updated with further details shortly.

The past two years have taught us to be constantly vigilant to the risk of ongoing infections.  We also need to do all we can as a community to ensure our safety. Thank you again for your understanding and support in keeping us all safe.

Yours sincerely,
CUHK Emergency Response Group