23 Nov 2019

Health and safety issues of duty resumption

23 Nov 2019

After the social unrest event of CUHK campus on 12 November 2019, the University has cordoned off the most affected and contaminated areas on campus for decontamination and cleaning. The University has also appointed an independent accredited laboratory for carrying out a series of air, water and environmental surfaces testing to ascertain safety and health of our colleagues.  Colleagues should have an initial inspection of their offices and facilities upon resuming duties.  It is recommended to open windows or switch on the air-conditioner of your workplaces in order to have better ventilation.  If mild contamination of tear gas residue is suspected, you can do a simple cleanup as follows:

  • Wear suitable Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) such as disposable mask, protective gloves and glasses, if needed
  • Use 1 : 99 baking soda (i.e. add two teaspoon of baking soda in 1000ml water) to clean up any suspected surfaces and your belongings such as desk, chair, computer, etc.
  • Use water to wipe off the surfaces and your stuff again
  • If contamination of kitchenware in pantry or your own teacup is suspected, clean thoroughly with the above method before use.

If you develop any irritation symptoms that are probably caused by the tear gas residue, please seek medical attention immediately.