26 May 2020

Guidelines for Precautionary Measures for Face-to-Face ExaminationsUniversity Summer Session 2019-20

26 May 2020

Note: The followings are suggested guidelines. Departments/course teachers concerned may adopt other precautionary measures as appropriate.

1.  Precautionary measures
  •  Students, course teachers/invigilators concerned with one or more of the following conditions should not come back to the campus for the face-to-face examination, and they should make other appropriate arrangements.
    a. have travelled outside Hong Kong within 14 days before the day of examination;
    b. are still within the compulsory quarantine period;
    c. are living with family members/persons who are confirmed cases of COVID-19; or
    d. have chronic illness/other medical conditions.
  •  Students, invigilators and course teachers should monitor their own body temperature on each day before attending the examination. If their body temperature is at or higher than 37.5C or with presence of respiratory symptoms, they should seek medical advice immediately.
  •  Students should follow the Regulation to apply for absence from examination if their conditions do not permit them to take face-to-face examination or online examination.
2. Before the examination
  •  Students, invigilators and course teachers concerned with body temperature at or higher than 37.5C or with presence of respiratory symptoms should not enter the examination venue. They should seek medical advice immediately.
  •  All students, course teachers/invigilators must pay attention to personal hygiene. They are required to put on surgical masks and use alcohol sanitizers to rub hands before entering the examination venue. Alcohol sanitizers should be provided at the building entrance, and surgical masks for students who are in need. 
  •  Students should reserve ample time to enter the examination venue by batches to avoid crowd gathering at the entrances of the examination venue.
  •  Course teachers should arrange a suitable venue for the examination where social distancing can be enforced.
  •  In arrangements of seating, keep the physical distance between students at least one meter apart.
  •  Proper cleaning and disinfection of the examination venue MUST be done after each examination session.
  •  Try to maintain good indoor ventilation of the venue, e.g. open the windows, if possible.
3. During the examination
  •  All students, course teachers/invigilators are required to put on surgical masks during the whole examination, including oral examinations.
  •  No eating or drinking is allowed in the examination venue.
4. After the examination
  •  Arrange students to leave the examination venue in batches, so as not to crowd the exits.