18 Nov 2019

CUHK’s arrangements for ensuring safety on campus

18 Nov 2019

With regard to campus safety, The Chinese University of Hong Kong today (18 November) announces the following arrangements:

To protect the health and safety of colleagues, the areas of Campus Circuit East near the No. 2 Bridge will be temporarily closed. Except for those providing emergency or necessary work and vehicles, no one is allowed to pass through. (see the map below)

The University understands the colleagues’ concerns over the water quality in campus. Since the source of drinking water for CUHK is provided by the Water Supplies Department delivered by confined pipeline, and does not pass through the outdoor pipeline in the campus area, the water quality will not be polluted by the substances in the air. To ensure safety, the University will conduct a water sampling inspection to allay the concerns of colleagues. 

To safeguard the safety of all staff and students, the University is currently liaising with an independent accredited laboratory to promptly conduct air and soil analysis. The University will provide appropriate protective equipment to colleagues for whom it is necessary to work near No. 2 Bridge, and a safety guideline will be issued for reference.