28 Apr 2020

CUHK Statement

28 Apr 2020
The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) learnt from social media platforms and the department concerned about an incident in which an online assessment was disturbed. The University conducted a thorough investigation immediately and believes that the incident was preventable.
The University has taken measures to enhance the security procedures for online teaching via ZOOM. All teachers and students have been reminded again to make reference to the best practice on online teaching and assessment to ensure elearning activities are conducted in a secure network environment.
Since the video conference communication software ZOOM was used for teaching on 17 February, CUHK has been in contact with the service provider, seeking timely suggestions and solutions on various issues including network security and data privacy. The University has organised workshops and uploaded advice on the use of video conference communication software onto the CUHK webpage. Updated recommendations and a data sheet introducing the key features for secure meetings, issued by ZOOM, were uploaded on the webpage on 23 April, and the webpage will be continuously updated to support its users. CUHK has also been providing different video conference communication software to various departments.