14 Dec 2020

CUHK statement

14 Dec 2020

On the evening of 11 December, when the University’s security staff requested those entering the campus to show their identification documents in accordance with campus access control measures, several individuals refused to cooperate. A student onlooker insulted the security staff performing their duties with abusive language, and broadcast the incident live on the internet with his mobile phone. The University strongly condemns this abusive behavior, which is in violation of University regulations and the Diversity and Inclusion Policy, and brings the entire CUHK community into disrepute. This case and another similar case that occurred on 10 December have been referred to the relevant units for disciplinary proceedings in accordance with established procedures. 

In view of the illegal incident that occurred on campus in November last year, CUHK has implemented campus access control measures to ensure the safety of all people on campus. To enter campus, all University members must present their CUHK identification documents to the security guards for inspection. Those who fail to provide the relevant documents are required to register with the security staff, who are duly authorised by the University to implement these measures for the safety of the community. The Security staff have the right to refuse campus entry to individuals who fail to cooperate. The University is grateful to all members and stakeholders for their cooperation in maintaining the safety and order of the campus since the implementation of the measures. The University’s security staff will continue to perform their duties in a responsible manner. For those who violate the measures, the University will follow up and reserve the right to pursue action against them. 

In the incidents, a small number of University members deliberately disrupted campus order and insulted University staff with offensive words, which tarnished the reputation of the whole CUHK community. The University and all stakeholders are distressed by their appalling behaviour. While handling these individual incidents seriously, the University will also work together with all members to uphold the diverse and inclusive culture and the core values of the University, so that all members can study and work in a respectful, safe and positive environment. The University will not tolerate any form of hatred, violence, discrimination or harassment on campus, which is detrimental to the quest for excellence to which we are all committed.