22 Apr 2020

CUHK Reopens Chung Chi College Entrance on Tai Po Road and No. 2 Bridge on 28 April

22 Apr 2020

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) announces that the Chung Chi College entrance (Chung Chi Gate) on Tai Po Road will be reopened to vehicles and pedestrians at 8 am, 28 April (Tuesday). The campus access management measures will remain in place. If the vehicle does not carry a valid CUHK parking permit, the driver or passenger shall present their CU Link cards or other CUHK identity proofs. Alumni going to the campus shall present their Alumni Library Cards or CU Alumni Credit Cards to prove their identity. Pedestrians are required to present their CUHK related identity proofs.  Persons who fail to present the aforesaid identity proofs are required to register their identity information with the security guard.

The No. 2 Bridge (the Bridge), after installation of reinforcing fences on newly built roadbeds, has been handed back from the Highways Department to the University for management in late March. The surface of the Bridge and its connecting roads have been severely damaged earlier. As a result of the above-mentioned fencing construction works, the Bridge has been narrowed from the original two-lane road to a single-lane road. The University is required to make repairs on the roads and implement appropriate traffic arrangement, the works on which will soon be completed. The University will reopen the Bridge to vehicle and pedestrian traffic at 8 am, 28 April.

Repair and New Traffic Arrangements of No. 2 Bridge are as follows:

Road Repair

The roads on the Bridge and its immediate surroundings have been severely damaged. The University has to repair and re-patch the road surface. New traffic signs have to be painted and erected.  Damaged pedestrian fencing have to be re-installed.

New Traffic Arrangements

(1) Pedestrian Road

  • A pavement will be retained on the south side of the Bridge allowing pedestrians to travel between Campus Circuit East and the East Gate at Science Park Road as before.

(2) Vehicular Road

  • The repaired Bridge will be narrowed from its original two-lane road to single-lane road. A heavy load limit of 24 tons will be implemented. Any vehicles over the limit will not be allowed to pass across the Bridge.
  • The total length of the Bridge and its connecting roads is around 200 meters. There are right-angle turns at both ends of the bridge, and the arch-shape of the bridge forms a terrain which obscures drivers’ ability to see approaching vehicles from a distance. Traffic accidents have occurred at the scene multiple times in the past.
  • The University has reviewed the feasibility of adopting one-lane two-way traffic by installing traffic signals.  Field trial tests using various types of vehicles have also been conducted. The results showed that if in the case that a vehicle jumps a red light in a one-lane two-way traffic scenario, the traffic will be easily paralysed or even cause a serious traffic accident in the case of a head-on collision.
  • As the University considers safety a top priority, to avoid the likelihood of having traffic paralysis and serious accidents, the repaired road will become one-lane one-way traffic. Vehicles can only use the Bridge to enter Campus Circuit East from the East Gate.

The University acknowledges that the above arrangements may cause inconvenience to some drivers. Nonetheless, for the safety of all road users, the University hopes colleagues will understand the necessity of the new traffic arrangements on this road section.