26 Mar 2020

CUHK Announces the Extension of Online Teaching

26 Mar 2020

It has been more than two months since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Hong Kong. Although we very much hope to resume face-to-face teaching during this term when the situation allows, we are facing the most recent development of COVID-19 into a pandemic disease. Since the well-being and health of students and staff are of the University’s utmost concern, and in view of the situation in which a certain number of students, especially international students have returned to their home towns, the University has decided that all courses will continue to be conducted online until the end of Term 2 on 2 May 2020. In addition, all courses of the Summer Session will also be conducted online. For the teaching arrangements of the Faculty of Medicine, please contact the relating office for details.

The University urges all CUHK members to be vigilant against COVID-19, observe risk mitigation measures and maintain social distance to prevent infection. For more information on how the University is coping with COVID-19, please visit Act Together Against COVID-19 website.