17 Nov 2019

CUHK announces closure of offices on campus and work arrangements from 18 November to 20 November 2019

17 Nov 2019
The recent serious incidents caused severe damage of the facilities on campus. It takes time for the University to clean up and repair all the damages, and to ensure the safety of staff and frontline workers. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) announces the closure of all offices on campus from 18 to 20 November 2019. The University is soliciting the service of an independent accredited laboratory to conduct air quality examination in areas near Bridge 2, to ensure staff safety. Staff do not need to report to work on-campus except for those who provide emergency or necessary work and where circumstances permit. Individual Departments and Units may plan and inform members of staff separately to make proper arrangements to attend to operations at home or other appropriate locations where available. Staff with special needs should contact their reporting Department/Unit for advice.
For staff working outside campus, please contact the respective Faculty/Department for further details. All off-campus units of the Faculty of Medicine will remain open.
Updated information, if any, will be further announced as soon as practicable.