14 Feb 2020

CUHK Announces Arrangements for Online Teaching and Campus Operation

14 Feb 2020

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) today (14 February) announces that online teaching for Term 2 will begin on 17 February as scheduled. Teachers and students shall attend real time online classes according to the teaching timetable. 

Relevant University units providing necessary services will resume limited on campus operations, beginning from 17 February, to support online teaching and provide related services. For other units, the special work-from-home arrangement will continue up to 23 February.

1.    Assistance for online teaching activities
To prepare for online teaching, the University has organised 22 online workshops, from 30 January to 14 February, to assist teachers, students and supporting staff from all faculties to get familiar with the online teaching facilities, and to provide trainings.

To reduce the risk of spreading the novel coronavirus, teachers are advised to conduct online teaching from home. Understanding some of the needs of individual teachers, the University has reserved classrooms and facilities in 3 teaching blocks for use by teachers, upon their requests, to conduct online teaching activities. Faculties and administrative staff will provide the support services where necessary.

The University has also launched a ‘Special Funding Scheme for Online Learning’ and solicits teachers to apply. Teachers are encouraged to propose projects leading to innovative solutions that may optimise online teaching.

The Library has introduced new services to support online teaching. This includes, where possible, automatically purchasing electronic versions of material in Course Reserves, and a digital course pack service to scan print-only materials for students in the class. Please check the Library website for details.  

Teachers can also visit the Teaching and Learning Arrangements website for details and other relevant information. 

2.    Assistance for online learning activities
To ensure the online courses would launch smoothly, the University has strengthened its network capacity and stability. Starting from next Monday (17 February), students should attend online classes according to the teaching timetable. Students who need hardware support can visit the University Financial Aid Schemes website for information on the related funding schemes. 

The Library has introduced a new print to e-copy service. CUHK staff and students can request an e-copy of an existing library print book if the e-copy is available. For books or journal without an e-version, the Library will try to obtain the licenses for the chapters or articles where possible. From February 17, the Library will begin a book retrieval service, and the Learning Garden will be partially opened. Please check the Library website for services to Support Remote Teaching and Learning.

Students can also visit eLearning@CUHK website for more information related to online learning. Students are advised to stay at home and not to return to the campus to safeguard their health. The University will closely monitor the development of the epidemic and resume on-campus teaching when circumstances allow. Related announcement will be issued 14 days in advance.  

3.    Campus operation arrangements
Given the beginning of the teaching semester would commence on 17 February, the departments/units providing the necessary services would resume operation with limited on-site services. Work arrangements for staff members will be made on mutual agreement according to the actual needs. For the staff members of other units, the special work-from-home arrangement will continue up to February 23.

Staff members will be informed of the detailed arrangements by their respective department/unit heads in due course. Staff members who have not yet submitted  the health declaration form and conducted self-medical surveillance as indicated by the University’s Committee on Health Promotion and Protection should do so as soon as possible, and no later than the first day of their returning to work.

4. Campus transportation services
From 17 February, school buses special line H will operate at 10-15 minutes’ intervals during rush hours, and at 20-minute intervals for the rest of the time. The paid shuttle light bus service will remain unchanged. Please visit the Transport Office website for details.

5. Infection prevention information
To provide useful information, CUHK has launched a new website ‘CUHK vs COVID-19 Announcements & Actions’ to list out measures and information in detail.

The University has also launched a special website to address the Frequently Asked Questions from students and staff on protective measures against the novel coronavirus infection. Students and staff are welcome to visit these websites for more information.