18 Aug 2022

Arrangements for staff and students under medical surveillance with amber code status

18 Aug 2022

Dear colleagues and students,

As we gear up for the start of the new academic year and prepare to welcome many of you back to campus after the summer break, this message is to update you regarding the University’s implementation of arrangements for staff and students who undergo mandatory quarantine requirements on return, including those undertaking subsequent medical surveillance with amber code status under the government’s enhanced vaccine pass function.

Inbound persons from overseas places or Taiwan who have completed their three days of mandatory hotel quarantine will be permitted to move directly into hostel accommodation on campus. This means that students will be able to complete their 4-day medical surveillance while in residence. During this period, they may attend classes, visit the University Health Service, or conduct masked activities on campus. However, they will not be permitted to use sports facilities, or eat in canteens, hostel pantries or other communal dining areas. They will instead be required to eat in their rooms until they have completed their medical surveillance and their vaccine pass code turns from amber to blue.

Inbound students from the Mainland who have not returned under the Return2HK or Come2HK schemes and are therefore required to undergo three days of mandatory quarantine at designated places will thereafter be permitted to complete their subsequent 4-day self-monitoring in hostel accommodation on campus under conditions specified by the government.

While we recognise that these arrangements are new, and represent a new stage in Hong Kong’s pandemic response, we ask for your understanding if you are a roommate or a colleague involved in supporting someone’s arrival to campus during the medical surveillance period.

The government’s new quarantine policy was announced after reviewing infection data for incoming travellers and comparing the risk of general community transmission. The government’s assessment, coupled with our own very high vaccination rates, gave the University confidence that allowing students to complete their medical surveillance while in residence would not represent significant health risk to our community.

We would also like to remind all staff and students that amber code holders can still access the CUHK campus to attend work or classes provided they refrain from off-mask activities and do not eat in canteens, hostel pantries or other communal eating areas.

All canteens have been reminded to ensure their LeaveHomeSafe facilities are upgraded to identify red and amber codes, and that they are compliant with the enhanced vaccine pass requirements.

Please visit our COVID-19 FAQ page for further information about the University’s implementation of these measures.

Yours sincerely,

Emergency Response Group 
The Chinese University of Hong Kong