3 Feb 2021

CUHK Statement

3 Feb 2021

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) strongly objects to the election manifestos of the CUHK Student Union Candidate Cabinet, which contain false allegations against the University and possibly unlawful remarks. These remarks were also mentioned in their media interview.

CUHK emphasizes once again that the University takes a strong view against any unlawful activities and violations of campus regulations, and will cooperate with law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of all University members. The University has stated repeatedly that campus security officers are authorised to maintain safety and order on campus to safeguard the welfare of all members of the University. The University has communicated with and conveyed to students the required measures to safeguard campus security. The security officers are responsible for handling issues related to unlawful activities and violations of campus regulations and, if necessary, will seek assistance from law enforcement agencies. The accusation of abuse of power is therefore false and entirely groundless. It should be pointed out that the CUHK Student Union Candidate Cabinet members’ violation of campus access management measures in the so-called “non-cooperation movement” is in breach of campus regulations as well as the basic principle of student organisations to uphold campus order and student welfare.

The University has repeatedly reminded its members that their activities, including expression of personal opinions, must be carried out in a manner that is rational and respectful of others, and in full compliance with the law. The Basic Law, which is the foundation of the rule of law in Hong Kong, respects and allows for academic freedom and freedom of expression, but also entails the protection of national security. The University is not above the law, and will not tolerate any campus activities that endanger national security. The University will not hesitate to impose strict penalties on University members who advocate or commit unlawful acts, including termination of the status or privileges of such members or organisations.