18 October 2017

An Exciting New Partnership between CUHK and King’s College London
The Dual LLB-JD Degree Programme

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and King’s College London (King’s) have established an exciting new partnership to offer a Dual LLB-JD Degree Programme commencing in 2018-19.  Students of the Programme will have the opportunity to study in two world-class law schools and to obtain both an undergraduate degree and a postgraduate degree in law in four years. Students will spend their first two years at King’s in London and the second two years at CUHK in Hong Kong. Together, the two degrees provide the first step towards qualification in English Law and the Law in Hong Kong. The Programme provides students with exciting and important competitive advantages in an international workplace. 

Students who ultimately qualify in these two jurisdictions will be ideally placed to advise businesses and organisations that operate globally. They will be in demand from international law firms that need lawyers with a deep understanding of the common law heritage that Hong Kong and England and Wales share, and the unique nature of Hong Kong’s place in a rising China. 

Prof. Christopher GANE, Dean of the Faculty of Law, CUHK said, “This new double-degree programme reflects the increasing internationalisation of legal practice, to which legal education must respond.  The LLB-JD Programme provides a route to dual qualification in both England and Wales and Hong Kong, and, of course, the opportunity for students to study in two internationally-recognised law schools based in two of the world’s major financial centres.”

“We are delighted to collaborate with such a prestigious School in giving students an opportunity to study in another jurisdiction enjoy a different cultural perspective, as well as giving them enhanced career opportunities,” said Prof. Gillian DOUGLAS, Executive Dean of The Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s. “The Programme is very much in accordance with our philosophy that legal education should have a broad global perspective.” 

During their time at King’s, students will study a range of core common law subjects, as well as a foundation course on European Law. At CUHK, they will then complete a number of courses related to Hong Kong’s legal system, its interpretation of the common law, and its role in the broader constitutional framework of China.  Students will also select from a range of elective courses in areas including financial and commercial law, human rights law, criminal law, internet and technology law, international trade law, and more. In four years, students will receive not only two different degrees in two different legal jurisdictions, but receive a world-class comprehensive legal education that sets them on a path of success. 

Mr Justin CHOW, a graduate of LLB programme at King’s and PCLL at CUHK said, “The LLB programme at King’s College London offered a well-developed curriculum with excellent teachings, that justifies its strong international reputation. In recent years, its law faculty has sought to develop and expand ambitiously, and continues to go from strength to strength. My experiences at King’s College London provided the right platform for tackling the PCLL programme at CUHK, which was effectively geared towards preparing students for a career in law, whichever area of practice that may be. The teachings particularly impress with how highly attuned it is in equipping students to navigate the transition into practicing law, and it was apparent that the calibre of the course is founded on the high quality of its LLB and JD programmes.” 

“Given their respective qualities, I believe that the two universities are a great fit; the opportunity for students to experience both universities under a single programme, and just as importantly, both cities, offers invaluable exposure and perspective that will serve very well for their professional careers.” Mr Chow said. 

Mr. Keith CHEUNG, a graduate of CUHK Law Faculty and King’s said, “It is important that institutes of higher education prepare students with a new environment, not only one equipped for their academic discipline but one that also develops a student’s intellectual curiosity and appreciation for diversity, free thinking and for the global community. Having pursued my studies first with King’s and then with CUHK, I am convinced of the importance of this cultural and intellectual cross-pollination in our time. Immersing oneself in this experience will enrich one’s outlook and understanding of oneself and the world. It has done so for me and I know it will do so for the many students that pursue this programme.” 

Interested students are welcome to submit their applications to King’s for 2018-19 admissions, starting from now to the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) system by 15 January 2018. Candidates meeting the rigorous admission requirements will then be selected to attend an interview conducted by a joint panel comprising members of both law schools at King’s and CUHK. 

About the Faculty of Law, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) 

The CUHK Faculty of Law is one of Asia's leading law schools. For 2018 the Faculty is ranked 27th in the Times Higher Education Law Subject Ranking, and rated 1st for the “international outlook”. The Faculty is highly international, with expert research and teaching staff from over twenty jurisdictions. Since its establishment a decade ago, the Faculty has accumulated successes in leaps and bounds. In the 2014 Hong Kong Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), the Faculty was rated Hong Kong’s best for legal research. 

About The Dickson Poon School of Law, King’s College London (King’s) 

King’s College London (King’s) is one of the top 25 universities in the world (2018 QS World University Rankings) and the fourth oldest university in England. The Dickson Poon School of Law (the School) at King’s is one of the oldest law school in England and recognised globally as one of the best law schools in the world. In the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF), research in the School was rated as number one in the UK.

(From left) Prof. Stuart HARGREAVES, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Faculty of Law, CUHK; Prof. Chin Leng LIM, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Law, Faculty of Law, CUHK; Prof. Christopher GANE, Simon F S Li Professor of Law, Dean of the Faculty of Law, CUHK; and Mr. Matthew CHEUNG, JD Programme Director, Faculty of Law, CUHK
(From left) Prof. Stuart HARGREAVES, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Faculty of Law, CUHK; Prof. Chin Leng LIM, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Law, Faculty of Law, CUHK; Prof. Christopher GANE, Simon F S Li Professor of Law, Dean of the Faculty of Law, CUHK; and Mr. Matthew CHEUNG, JD Programme Director, Faculty of Law, CUHK