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11 Jan 2021

CUHK Statement

11 Jan 2021

Today (11 January) at noon, 8 masked individuals, clad in black, raided the security counter near Exit A of the University MTR station from various directions on campus. They threw an unknown white powder repeatedly at the security guards on duty and damaged campus facilities including fences and chairs, causing panic to the people nearby. The assailants fled in different directions into the campus. In light of the seriousness of the incident and injuries caused to a security guard, the University immediately made a police report.

Security officers pursued the people involved. One was stopped near the Chung Chi College Chapel, and was later placed in police custody. The University cannot confirm the identity of the person detained nor the other individuals involved.

One of the security guards had the unknown white powder thrown into his eyes, and was sent to hospital for treatment. When the police arrived, it was discovered that a substantial amount of the unknown white powder remained on the ground. Out of safety concerns, the Fire Services Department was called in to investigate. They brought equipment for handling hazardous materials to the scene and collected samples for further testing.

The University strongly condemns the assault on frontline campus security guards, causing them injuries and public panic, and the damage wreaked on campus facilities. The University will cooperate fully with the police in their investigation, with an aim to bring those involved to justice. The University will follow established procedures for handling the case if members of the University are found to be involved.