【Arts and Humanities Conversations at CUHK】Episode 2 - Tsangyang Gyatso's Poetry: Readings and Translations

14 November 2020


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Prof. Nicholas L. Chan (Department of Chinese Language & Literature)
Dr. Sonia Wong (Gender Studies Programme)

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Free and open to public, the Arts and Humanities Conversation at CUHK series bring academics and researchers together to explore our diverse cultures, languages, traditions and heritages. The conversations engage students, educators, researchers, and anyone who are interested in arts and human culture in Hong Kong and beyond.

Tsangyang Gyatso (1683-?), the sixth reincarnation of Dalai Lama, is a well-known Tibetan poet. The first translation of his works into Chinese and English in 1930 marks the beginning of lasting popularity of this monk-poet in the realm of world literature. With the focus on the translation, misreading and remaking, this conversation aims at shedding some light on the dissemination and reception of the poetry of Tsangyang.

About the Moderator

Prof. Jia Ye
Michelle Jia YE is Assitant Professor at the Department of Translation at CUHK and Associate Director of CUHK-CCK Foundation Asia-Pacific Centre for Chinese Studies. Her research centers around translation in late Qing and early Republican Chinese periodical press. She is also a translator of academic works on social sciences.

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