CUHK Summer Institute (SI) 2017: Giving secondary school students a head start to university life

14 July 2017 - 27 July 2017

Time for classes and activities various on different day.

CUHK campus

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Office of Academic Links
Tel: (852) 3943-1827

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Tailored for secondary school students applying to universities in the year 2018, the CUHK Summer Institute is a two-week programme bringing local, mainland Chinese and international learners together to give them a preview of their upcoming university life. Participants will be able to explore various academic disciplines through short courses, experience and learn more about campus life in a series of workshops, and make new friends at the orientation, extra-curricular and graduation activities led by current CUHK students.

19 short courses in subject areas including arts, business administration, engineering, law, medicine, sciences, and social sciences are on offer.

On campus accommodation available

Fun filled orientation camp
Fun filled orientation camp

Explore study interest
Explore study interest