Hostel Retreat Recycling Arrangements

11 April 2018 - 1 December 2018


Various hostels

Please contact the respective organizer

Event Details:

To minimize waste when students move out of their dormitories during the summer, CUHK hostels have recycling programmes in place and encourage students who need to move out of hostels to donate their unwanted belongings at collection locations. The collected items will either be redistributed to hostel residents in the coming semester or donated to people who need them via NGOs. A brief overview of recycling arrangements is as follows: (Our thanks to all hostels for sharing the information)

Chung Chi College
Date: 8 – 24 May
Organizer: Chung Chi College Campus Environment Committee, Chung Chi Student Union
Collection locations: Inside each of the ten student hostels

New Asia College
Date: 23 Apr -20 May (Daisy Li Hostel); 30 Apr – 20 May (Chih Hsien Hostel); 30 Apr – 31 May (Grace Tien Hostel); 30 Apr - 31 May (Xuesi Hostel)
Organizer: Hostel Committee (Daisy Li Hostel, Chih Hsien Hostel); New Asia College Student Union (Xuesi Hostel, Grace Tien Hostel)
Collection locations: Lobby (Daisy Li Hostel, Chih Hsien Hostel, Xuesi Hostel); Pantry area on each floor (Grace Tien Hostel)

United College
Date: 1 May – 4 Jun (Adam Schall Residence); 1 May – 1 Jun (Bethlehem Hall); 1 – 31 May (Chan Chun Ha Hostel); 5 May – 1 Jun (Hang Seng Hall)
Organizer: Estates Management Office
Collection locations: Lobby (Adam Schall Residence, Bethlehem Hall and Hang Seng Hall); 1/F podium of Chan Chun Ha Hostel

Shaw College
Date: 10 - 24 May
Organizer: Estates Management Office, Shaw College Student Union
Collection locations: Kuo Mou Hall and Student Hostel II

Morningside College
Date: 27 Apr - 21 May
Organizer: Morningside College Office
Collection locations: Recycling Station set up on G/F of Maurice R. Greenberg Building, outside Seminar Room 2 (Paula Yao Room)

S.H. Ho College
Date: 16 Apr – 1 Jun
Organizer: Hostel committee
Collection location: Hostel 1/F open area

C.W. Chu College
Date: From 30 Apr throughout the summer
Organizer: C.W. Chu College Office
Collection locations: The lift lobbies of Marina Tse Chu Building and Ina Ho Chan Un Chan Building, C.W. Chu College

Wu Yee Sun College
Date: 30 Apr – 23 May
Organizer: Green Team (student organization) and College Office
Collection locations: College hostel lobbies on G/F

Lee Woo Sing College
Date: 30 Apr – 13 May
Organizer: College Office/Green Life Ambassador students (with support from Estates Management Office)
Collection locations: Hostel lobbies (North Block and South Block)

Postgraduate Halls
Date: May - Dec (Jockey Club Postgraduate Hall, Chiang's Building and Inter-University Hall) May – Sept (Postgraduate Hall 4-6)
Organizer: Estates Management Office
Collection locations: Lobbies and area outside entrances of Postgraduate Hall

International House
Date: 7 - 25 May (I-House 1-2); 11 Apr – 18 May (I-House 3-5)
Organizer: Estates Management Office
Collection locations: Entrance of I-House 1 and 2; G/F of I-House 3 and 5

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