Nordic Festival 2017

二零一七年三月二十二日 - 二零一七年三月三十一日

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The Nordic region, to some people, may be synonymous with the northern lights, reindeers, forests, Santa Claus, simple yet modern designs…but it is time to discover more and redefine. From 22 to 31 March, the Office of Student Affairs will be introducing the fascinating Nordic cultures with a wide spectrum of activities on offer – talks, sharing sessions, booths, hands-on experience workshop, movie screening, etc. By meeting and interacting with our guest speakers and students, you will find the land full of wonders.

Join the journey to the Nordic region while staying on campus!


Opening Event: Nordic Imageries – Dialogue between Prof. Joseph Sung and Mr. Patrik Lindvall, General Manager of IKEA Hong Kong
At the kick-off event of the Festival, Prof. Joseph Sung and Mr. Patrik Lindvall will initiate a dialogue about their cultural experiences and observations of the Nordic countries. What is Nordic culture like in the eyes of a Hong Konger and a Swede? How is it different from local Hong Kong culture in various aspects? Be impressed. Be inspired!

Date: 22 March 2017 (Wednesday)
Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Venue: LT2, G/F Yasumoto International Academic Park (YIA)
Guests: Prof. Joseph Sung, Vice-Chancellor and President of CUHK
            Mr. Patrik Lindvall, General Manager of IKEA Hong Kong
Free admission, all are welcome! Registration is required.

Booths@YIA Piazza
Booths showcasing Nordic cultures will be awaiting! Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish students at CUHK are ready to show you what is special about their motherlands. Besides the first-hand sharing by the Nordic students, you will be able to get a bite of their picks of regional snacks and enjoy yourselves with selected folk games.

Date: 22 & 23 March 2017 (Wednesday & Thursday)
Time: (22 March) 5:00pm – 6:30pm; (23 March) 12:00nn – 2:00pm
Venue: Yasumoto International Academic Park (YIA) Piazza
All are welcome! No registration is required. 

Sharing (I): The Swedish Business Mindset
Sweden ranks the best country for business for 2017, according to a survey by Forbes. So we are all interested in taking a glance at the Swedish business landscape. In this sharing session, two EMBA students at CUHK will share with the audience their study trip to Sweden in 2015 – how the visits to some international companies like King Digital, Ericsson, Electrolux, etc. inspired them on business strategies.

Date: 23 March 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Venue: Room 502, Yasumoto International Academic Park (YIA)
Speakers: Mr. Eliot Wong, General Manager - Group Finance, Modern Terminal Ltd.
                Ms. Jacqueline Wu, CEO and Founder of Family Matters Ltd.
Language: English
Free admission, all are welcome.

Sharing (II): Navigation through “NordIce” - Travel Experiences in Norway and Iceland
Europe is a popular continent for tourists around the world. Yet, Iceland and Norway still keep some of their hidden gems veiled under the blankets of snow. Two well-travelled CUHK students are ready to share their travel experiences in these two countries and some interesting observation about Nordic languages. Welcome to exchange your thoughts with them before you plan for your next Nordic trip!

Date: 24 March 2017 (Friday)
Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Venue: i-LOUNGE, 3/F Yasumoto International Academic Park (YIA)
Speakers: Mr. Ma Lok Hin (SEEM/5) and Mr. Mark Leung (GRMD/4)
Language: English
Free admission, all are welcome.

Consul-General’s Talk: The Finnish-style Success – How Sisu Has Helped Establish the Model Nation
2017 is a special year for Finland – the centenary of its independence. Armoured with the national spirit of Sisu, or Finnish resilience and persistence, Finland has succeeded in building up a model nation. Fields such as education and innovative technology are probably its most outstanding ones. The Consul-General of Finland will share about the Finnish society, culture and history. Don’t miss this precious chance to hear about the authentic Finland!

Date: 27 March 2017 (Monday)
Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Venue: LT8, 3/F Cheng Yu Tung Building (CYT)
Speaker: Mr. Jari Sinkari, Consul-General of Finland in Hong Kong and Macao
Free admission, all are welcome.

Nordic Nostalgia: Midsummer Floral Crown and Old-School Apple Cake Workshop
Tasting the food of a country is a perfect way to understand its culture. In this workshop, a Danish student will teach you how to make Gammeldags Æblekage, or old-school Danish apple cake, the childhood memory of many Danes.  The students from Sweden will guide you how to make floral crowns that they wear for the Midsummer Festival, a widely celebrated occasion in the Nordic countries.

Date: 28 March 2017 (Tuesday)
Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Venue: i-LOUNGE, 3/F Yasumoto International Academic Park (YIA)
Target: CUHK staff & students
Fee: Free of charge (Please pay a refundable deposit of $50 at the Incoming Students Section on 1/F Benjamin Franklin Centre by 21 March.)
Limited quota!

Movie Screening: Lapland Odyssey (Finnish: Napapiirin sankarit)
Set in Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland, the story is about three men’s self-discovery journey after encountering challenges and difficulties along the way to the city.

Movies can mirror a society. This comedy screening will be a good time for you not only to have a glimpse of Finnish movies but also to learn more about the little-known sides of the country while releasing laughter!


Date: 29 March 2017 (Wednesday)
Time: 6:30pm – 8:30pm 
Venue: LT9, 2/F Yasumoto International Academic Park (YIA)
Language: Finnish with English subtitles
**A post-screening session will be hosted by the Finnish students at CUHK.
Free admission, all are welcome.

Sharing (III): The Sami – An Indigenous People Living under the Northern Lights
Indigenous communities are all around the world, from Asia to Africa to America. Nevertheless, did you know there are indigenous peoples in Europe? A postgraduate student, who spent months with the Sami, will share with us her observations about the history, lifestyle and status of this unique community in the modern Nordic societies.

Date: 30 March 2017 (Thursday)
Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Venue: i-LOUNGE, 3/F Yasumoto International Academic Park (YIA)
Speaker: Miss Bibiana Chan (Master of Arts in Linguistics)
Language: English
Free admission, all are welcome.

Sharing (IV): Swedish Society in the Eyes of a Swede and a Hongkonger
The images of a society can vary to a great extent in the eyes of different viewers. To a Swede who has lived in Hong Kong for years and a Hong Kong blogger who used to live in Sweden, how different are their observations? Topics such as welfare system, gender equality and education, etc. will be discussed.

Date: 31 March 2017 (Friday
Time: 4:30pm – 6:00p
Venue: i-LOUNGE, 3/F Yasumoto International Academic Park (YIA)
Speakers: Mr. Gustav Johansson and Ms. Prudence Chan
Free admission, all are welcome.



**A gift will be given to any CUHK student or staff member who can attend at least three events of the festival (with one being the opening talk on 22 March)! An email for collecting the gift will be sent to those who are eligible after the end of the festival.

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