27 October 2020
13 August 2020
CUHK Admits 2,958 Outstanding HKDSE Students

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) admitted, through JUPAS, 2,958 students who sat for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE), the highest intake number since the launch of HKDSE in 2012.  The intake this year is impressive, with 99.5% of them being Band A students. Half of the students territory-wide who achieved Level 5** in six subjects or above were admitted to CUHK, with one of them having 5** in seven subjects being admitted to Science (broad-based) and 16 of them with 5** in six subjects being admitted to Medicine (Global Physician-Leadership Stream), Global Business Studies, Enrichment Mathematics and Journalism and Communication. Of all candidates who achieved Level 5** in one subject or above, around 40% were admitted to CUHK.

In terms of the median admission scores of the best five subjects, four out of the top ten programmes/ streams among the JUPAS institutions in the territory are CUHK programmes, including Medicine (Global Physician-Leadership Stream), Global Business Studies, Medicine, and Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science.  Medicine (Global Physician-Leadership Stream), which admitted 36 students this year, is the top programme with the highest median admission scores territory-wide for seven consecutive years.

Choice Institution for Students with Diverse Talents and Interests

CUHK provides a wide selection of undergraduate programmes to nurture students with diverse talents and interests.  This year, 19 CUHK programmes admitted top students with a score of 34 or above in their best five HKDSE subjects including Fine Arts, History, Global Business Studies, Professional Accountancy, Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science, Mathematics and Mathematics Education, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence: Systems and Technologies, Medicine (Global Physician-Leadership Stream), Medicine, Science, Enrichment Mathematics, Earth System Science, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Government and Public Administration, Journalism and Communication and Geography and Resource Management. 

Thirteen students were admitted this year via the Sports Scholarship Scheme with outstanding achievements in sports including athletics, badminton, basketball, cross-country race, rowing, rugby, football, squash, table-tennis and volleyball.  Ten of them are from the Hong Kong Junior Squad and three are members of the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation.

This year, 124 students were admitted to CUHK through the “School Principal’s Nominations Scheme”, recognised for achievements in and outside of their respective schools and communities.

STEM Talent Targets Brain Studies

Wong Chi Ngai achieved grade 5** in seven HKDSE subjects and was admitted to the Science (Broad-based) programme.  He plans to major in Cell and Molecular Biology.    Through participating in various competitions, he has developed a great interest in Biology.  Last year he won a silver medal in the International Biology Olympiad held in Hungary.  Intrigued by brain studies, Chi Ngai has set up his online channel to share and discuss topics on brain cells.  With public exams delayed by the pandemic, pressure and anxiety built up.  Inspired by his understanding of how the brain works, Chi Ngai adjusted his approach and alternated his studies with different subjects, taking breaks in regular intervals to rejuvenate and enhance efficiency.  He plans to pursue a doctorate after graduation and contribute to research in the field.

All-rounded Student to Pursue Engineering

Yuen lok Kan Ethen enjoys learning.  His interests span from mathematics, sciences, to language and literature; information technology is his favourite.  Having achieved 5** in five subjects and 5* in three others, he has been admitted to the Engineering (Broad-based) programme.  Ethen joined many local, regional and international competitions.  He won a gold medal in Hong Kong Olympiad in Informatics, a silver medal in Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad, and a bronze medal in International Olympiad in Informatics.  He attained a distinction and an honorable mention in the Singapore International Mathematics Challenge and Hang Lung Mathematics Award respectively, and actively participated in clubs and activities across disciplines in and outside of school.  Ethen has been awarded many scholarships for academic excellence, information technology and creative design.  He is always motivated to learn.  Ethen believes that the learning experience and personal growth are of primary importance while prizes and accolades are secondary.

Twin Sisters’ Search in Journalism and Fine Arts

Li Hoi Tung and Li Hoi Yee are twin sisters and schoolmates.  They have been admitted to CUHK with flying colours to study Journalism and Communication and Fine Arts respectively.  Both of them took part in many initiatives— being prefects and ambassadors in school, participating in drama productions, arts and cultural events, and public speaking, to name a few.  They each have found their niche and life goals.  Hoi Tung achieved 5** in six subjects.  She joined her school’s Story Lab project, where she tasted firsthand the process from conducting interviews, recording findings, editing, and publishing in a fully packed schedule, visiting individuals and organisations and adapting her approach along the way.  Through the experience she has improved her language ability, presentation skills and confidence, and gained a deeper understanding of the profession, including the challenges faced in the transition from traditional to online media.  She hopes to produce stories that move people.  Hoi Yee, who loves arts and has scored an impressive 34 points in the best five subjects, was admitted to read Fine Arts with an extraordinary portfolio.  She once joined a course on visual arts and arts administration.  She combined photography, a craft she has always wanted to master, with brushstrokes she is familiar with to create an art piece that captures her inner world and the external representation of the community with an artistic view.  Taking different approaches —journalistic and artistic—the twin sisters both arrive at stories that move their audience.

Athlete Takes it in his Stride

Fung Chun Wai Henry, a multi-talented student trained in basketball, volleyball and track and field, has been admitted to the Physical Education, Exercise Science and Health programme through the “School Principals’ Nominations Scheme”.  Henry kept exploring his athletic interests beyond academic studies, eventually representing his school in all three sports to compete against sister schools.  An outstanding athlete, he won the silver medal in 400m Hurdles in Asian Youth Athletics Championships 2019 just one year into the sport.  He also won a gold medal in 4x400m Relay and a silver medal in Volleyball at Division One A Grade inter-school athletics competition in the same year.  Immersed in team spirit of various sports, Henry feels always backed by his coach and friends even when he is alone on the track.  Having to balance training with revisions for HKDSE has been overwhelming enough; facing the pandemic has made it worse and many plans were stalled.  Henry has overcome these challenges eventually.  He credits his final achievement to the years of training that have strengthened his will to succeed.  He is grateful for the unrelenting support from friends and teachers, and sets his sights on becoming a teacher or coach to pay his alma mater back.

Wing Chi Ngai (left)

Yuen Lok Kan

Li Hoi Tung and Li Hoi Yee

Fung Chun Wai