20 January 2021
27 April 2018
The Chinese University of Hong Kong CW Chu College
Naming Ceremony of Chong Kin Wo Hall

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) CW Chu College (College) has been pleased to name its Multi-purpose Hall as Chong Kin Wo Hall. The Naming Ceremony was held on 26 April 2018 and officiated at by Madam Chong Kin Wo, and Professor Rocky S. Tuan, Vice-Chancellor and President of CUHK. Chong Kin Wo Hall is named after Madam Chong Kin Wo, ‘The Dumpling Queen’, in appreciation of her support of the College’s vision. About 100 guests, including Madam Chong’s family members and friends as well as College guests, witnessed the historic moment for the College.

In his welcoming remarks, Professor Wai-Yee Chan, Master of the College, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Madam Chong and her daughter Ms. Joanne Wong for establishing the Chong Kin Wo Scholarship to encourage the College students to gain the most from their exchange and outreach experiences. 

Dr. David Chu, Chairman of the College Committee of Overseers, applauded the College’s dedication in pursuing its educational mission. He appreciated deeply the generosity of Madam Chong and Ms. Wong. 

Professor Tuan, in his address, told of how, when he resided at the College hostel as a visitor in 2016, he was deeply impressed by the intimacy among the members of the College, which exemplified one of the merits of CUHK’s unique college system. On behalf of CUHK, he expressed his sincere gratitude to Madam Chong and Ms. Wong for setting up the Chong Kin Wo Scholarship, which gives significant momentum to CUHK in moving towards one of its educational goals stated in its Strategic Plan 2016–2020, which is to enhance graduates' global competitiveness. He was confident that the students of the College would capitalise on the Scholarship and gear up to succeed in the competitive world. 

Madam Chong Kin Wo started her dumpling business at Wanchai Ferry Pier in the 1970s and eventually grew it to a multi-national business, becoming the renowned ‘Dumpling Queen’. Her daughter Ms. Joanne Wong has been a Member of the Friends of CW Chu College since 2012. She has been extending her kind support to College students as a Mentor and by offering internship opportunities.

About Chong King Wo Hall

The Chong Kin Wo Hall, previously known as the Multi-purpose Hall, is located on the ground floor of Marina Tse Chu Building, the North Block of CW Chu College campus. It is indispensable to the students’ College life, and promotes togetherness among members of the College who gather there during all kinds of events in every academic year, including Communal Dinners held three times a week, High Table Dinners four times a year, the Graduation Ceremonies, award-presentation ceremonies, the Launch Ceremonies for the Mentorship Scheme, orientation activities organised by the students, events for the College Service Teams, and the Founders’ Day celebrations.

From left: Mrs. Jessica Luchangco, Ms. Joanne Wong, Madam Chong Kin Wo, Dr. David Chu, Chairman, Committee of Overseers, CW Chu College, CUHK, Professor Rocky S. Tuan, Vice-Chancellor and President, CUHK and Professor Wai-Yee Chan, Master, CW Chu College, CUHK.

Professor Wai-Yee Chan, Master, CW Chu College, CUHK delivered the welcome remarks at the Naming Ceremony of Chong Kin Wo Hall.

Professor Rocky S. Tuan, Vice-Chancellor and President, CUHK (first right), presented a souvenir to Madam Chong Kin Wo (second right).

Madam Chong Kin Wo

A group photo of Madam Chong’s family members, university members, college affiliates, guests and students.