21 September 2020
23 November 2015
CUHK Receives Winners’ Cup at National Challenge Cup Competition

Students of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) swept top awards in the 14th Challenge Cup held at Guangdong University of Technology, and won the Winners’ Cup, the second top prize of the competition. With overall outstanding performance, CUHK received the second top prize, Winners’ Cup, beating more than 300 participating universities and over 780 projects from mainland china, Hong Kong and Macau. CUHK was the only institution in Hong Kong to receive this highest award since the competition accepting participation of Hong Kong tertiary institutions in 1997.

As a bi-annual national competition, the Challenge Cup is known as the "Olympics" in promoting innovation in social science, science and technology for university students in China. In the past, CUHK had already won the Hong Kong and Macau Cup for 6 consecutive times. This year, Hong Kong teams joined the national competition to compete with other mainland university finalist for the first time. CUHK won the Winners’ Cup this year. The result is very encouraging.

Eight teams of CUHK students participated in the competition. Projects and awards are listed below.

Name of Project Name of Student Affiliated Department Name of Award
Solution for One-step Sewage Treatment - Genetic Circuit Construction to Simplify Denitrification Leung King-pong, Loo Fong-chuen, Seak Chi-u School of Life Science First Award
Sign Language Educator – Vision Aid Sensor Glove Lai Jintao, Tang Ding, Chen Bowen, Zhong Zhuowei Department of Computer Science and Engineering First Award
Semisolid Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Wang Zengyue Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering First Award
Miniature Environment-Friendly Tadpole Robot for Capsule Endoscope to Examine the Entire Gastrointestinal Tract Zhong Yong, Zhang Lin Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering Second Award
Mechanical Energy Harvested Damper Chu Ki-sum Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering Second Award
Hollow-Core, Porous-Shell, Spindle-Like Fe304Nanocapsules for Controlled Drug Delivery Chan Kai-fung Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering Second Award
Wearable Exoskeleton Suit for Paralyzed Individuals Ma Hao, Chen Bing, Qin Laiyin, Guan Xiao Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering
Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology
Second Award
R-Guardian Anti-lost System Kuo Wai-keung, Lau Pak-lam, Cheung Wai-lam, Chung Yiu Ting Department of Information Engineering Third Award

CUHK always strives to encourage and enhance students’ creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship by cultivating their interests and capabilities in research, technological developments and transfers. The University also encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration among students from different faculties to pool the best young innovative brains together for synergetic effects.

The CUHK team receives a Winners’ Cup at the 14th National Challenge Cup Competition.

The winning team poses for a group photo.

The winning team poses for a group photo.