Service Programme

World Heart Day 2020

10 May

For Volunteers: 7:30am – 6:30pm


Hong Kong College of Cardiology


Hong Kong College of Cardiology will organize the annual event World Heart Day to enhance the awareness of cardiac health in the community. This year, the World Heart Day Carnival will combine with Run for Heart at Wu Kai Sha Youth Village from 8am-12nn and 1pm-6pm. Volunteers are needed to assist in event preparation, operation and dismantle for both sessions as the following timeslot :

0730-1300* Run for Heart

0900-1830* World Heart Day Carnival

0730-1830* World Heart Day Carnival cum Run for Heart

*Exact service hours to be confirmed 2 weeks before event. 

A certificate will be issued to every student after the event. 

** Volunteers need to contact the organizer by themselves on the event day **

Admission Deadline:
15 Mar, 2020


Enquiry hotline: 3943-3945

Registrants for this event will become "CUHK.CARE" service team members. Information on upcoming activities will be sent to members via email.


Honorary Fellowship
Honorary Fellowship