Service Programme

Visiting the Elderly with CUHK Mooncake — Ma On Shan

15 September

2:00pm – 5:00pm

ELCHK, Ma On Shan District Elderly Community Centre

CUHK · Care


To celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn festival, CUHK · Care is inviting volunteers to visit the elderly in Shatin and send them gift packs with "CUHK Mooncake". "CUHK Mooncake", which is made of low sugar white lotus seed paste with two yolks, is produced by the social enterprise Caritas La Vie. CUHK members and friends are welcome to enroll as volunteers to send greetings and care to the elderly.

Meanwhile, "CUHK Mooncake" is also for sale now. For each box of "CUHK Mooncake" sold, CUHK · Care will deliver a free mooncake to the elderly. Please go to the link for detailed information:

Admission Deadline:
10 Sep, 2018


Enquiry hotline: 3943-3945

Registrants for this event will become "CUHK.CARE" service team members. Information on upcoming activities will be sent to members via email.

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50th Anniversary of CUHK
50th Anniversary of CUHK