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Watch the World Cup Final at CUHK

The world is now counting down to one of the most exciting international soccer tournaments, the World Cup. The final match which is scheduled for July 14 will undoubtedly be compelling viewing for soccer lovers around the world.

How will you enjoy this once-in-four-years event? Fly to Brazil and experience the overwhelming passion of the Brazilians and football supporters from all over the world? Turn on your TV set and watch the match comfortably on the sofa at home? Or do you wish to experience a sensation similar to being in Brazil, by cheering the final amidst hundreds of other World Cup fans ?

Your wish will come true! Prof. Joseph Sung, the Vice-Chancellor of CUHK will be cheering with over hundreds of fans at University Mall as they watch the live broadcast of the final together on July 14. Come and join the World Cup heat!

Date: July 14 (Monday)
Admission Time: 2:30 am
Kick off Time: 3:00 am
Venue: University Mall, CUHK

Staff Who Make A Difference

Besides the teachers who are dedicated to nurturing outstanding graduates from the University, the efforts of the non-teaching staff, who give back up support to the teachers and students, should not be neglected.

To recognize staff who provide outstanding service, Personnel Office of CUHK has been presenting Exemplary Service Award since 2001. Up to now, there have been over 80 colleagues who have received the Award. They include general clerks and office assistants from various faculties and colleges, technician, drivers and other support personnel. Though they are not teachers or senior staff, their devotion and the significant effort that they put into their work through the years contributes to the larger team, and influences others positively.

CUHK Conferred Honorary Fellowships

The Chinese University of Hong Kong held its Thirteenth Honorary Fellowship Conferment Ceremony on May 12. Seven distinguished persons closely associated with CUHK were conferred honorary fellowships in recognition of their remarkable contributions to the University and the community. They include:

Mr. CHAN Chun-wing, Terence
Mr. Chan Chun-wing, Terence is the former Bursar of CUHK and served the University for 23 years. Mr. Chan assumed the position of Bursar in 1996 and introduced a new management philosophy to the Bursary. He changed the Chinese name for the Bursary, which reflects more appropriately the nature of its work and he changed the Office from an accounting office to a strategic financial hub of the University. He helped the Bursary to overcome several unprecedented challenges including reduction in government funding and he played an important part in building up a healthy financial reserve for the University.

Mr. CHU En-yue, David
Mr. Chu En-yue, a prominent industrialist and philanthropist, is the founder and Manager Director of Regatex Manufacturers, Guangzhou Likang Garment Co. Ltd. and Suzhou Liqiang Garment Co. Ltd. Dedicated to the cause of education and charity, Mr. Chu has provided financial aid for students from Hong Kong and the Mainland to pursue education through the C.W. Chu Foundation founded by his late father Dr. Chu Ching-wen. Mr. Chu has given ardent support to CUHK and has made generous donations to support the development of the C.W. Chu College. He has served as a member of the Planning Committee for the C.W. Chu College and is currently Chairman of the College's Committee of Overseers.

Dr. KOO Ti-hua
Dr. Koo Ti-hua is an eminent entrepreneur, who founded the multinational business enterprise Novelact Limited in 1976. Dr. Koo is also a great Kunqu performer, who has been devoted to promoting Kunqu. He published numerous books and produced DVDs as well as established the Koo Ti Hua Foundation for the promotion of Kunqu Opera. He supported the Chinese Music Archive of the Department of Music of CUHK to publish a book about traditional Chinese music and he organized, sponsored and performed in various events promoting Chinese opera.

Mr. LAM Wing-tak, Bill
Mr. Lam Wing-tak, Bill, a distinguished entrepreneur and an alumnus of CUHK New Asia College, is currently the Chief Executive Director and Executive Director of Pacific Textiles Holdings Limited. Graduating with a degree of Bachelor of Business Administration from CUHK in 1975, Mr. Lam has been a staunch supporter of his alma mater and a member of the Board of Trustees of New Asia College since 2008. Mr. Lam is also an active alumnus. He was a member of CUHK 50th Anniversary Celebration Committee on Alumni Activities.

Dr. LEUNG Fung-yee, Anita
Dr. Leung Fung-yee Anita, a distinguished entrepreneur and alumna of CUHK Chung Chi College, is the founder of Qin Jia Yuan Media Services Company Limited. She is also a renowned and prolific novelist with over 100 publications. Over the years, Dr. Leung has been a staunch supporter of her alma mater. She has served as a member of the Board of Trustees of Chung Chi College, Chairman of the Committee of Overseers of Lee Woo Sing College and a member of the CUHK 50th Anniversary Celebration Organizing Committee. She has made generous donations in support of the activities of the University and the Colleges and to the establishment of numerous scholarships.

Dr. WANG Chi
Dr. Wang Chi, a distinguished librarian and former University Librarian of CUHK, is the Co-Founder and President of the U.S.-China Policy Foundation. Dr. Wang has been working at the Library of Congress in the United States for nearly 40 years. During his time as the Chinese Section Chief, the Chinese collection expanded from 300,000 to over one million volumes. Over the years, Dr. Wang has devoted significant efforts to promote greater dialogue and understanding between the United States and China. He helped the U.S. Department of State to establish a liaison office in Beijing. He is one of the founders of National Committee on United States-China Relations. Dr. Wang served as the University Librarian from 1970 to 1972 and from 1984 to 1986. He helped to build the Medical Library and the New Asia College Library.

Dr. Wong Kwai Lam
Dr. Wong Kwai-lam, an eminent investment banker and alumnus of CUHK United College, is currently the Chairman of IncitAdv Consultants Limited. Graduating with a degree of Bachelor of Arts from CUHK in 1972, Dr. Wong has given ardent support to his alma mater. He is the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees of New Asia College and a member of the Taskforce on Private Teaching Hospital. He generously supported the establishment of exchange scholarships and sponsored annual workshop at New Asia College.

Please click the video button to watch the highlight of the ceremony.

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