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Gold Award Again for Our Green Works

CUHK is privileged to have a green campus that is among the most beautiful in Asia. With its commitment, persistence and remarkable accomplishments in environmental protection, CUHK was awarded the Gold Award for the Public Organizations and Utilities Sector of the 2013 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE).  In 2009, CUHK was the first public organization to win this Gold Award.  With its second success now, CUHK is the only public organization to boast two Gold Awards of HKAEE in that sector. A special programme will be broadcast at 7pm, May 16(Friday) on TVB Jade to share the experiences in environmental protection. Don’t miss it!

A record number of 896 institutions vied for the HKAEE awards in 2013. The key factors of the assessment criteria are Green Leadership, Programme and Performance, and Partner Synergy. CUHK collaborated closely with suppliers and canteens in green purchasing, promotion of low-carbon diet and reduction of food waste.  Apart from its strenuous efforts in introducing green buildings on the campus, CUHK has also been actively engaging with the community to nurture a culture of sustainability. The Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change (MoCC) is one of the many efforts to reach out and alert people to the environmental issues we are facing, and the urgency in saving our earth.

MoCC is the first museum of its kind in Hong Kong to offer a personal, close up encounter with various aspects of climate change through interactive and multimedia exhibitions. Audiences can learn about the latest global reports and join an Arctic expedition via the Chinese polar research vessel Xue Long in a panoramic projection video. It is an ideal venue for students, teachers and the public to keep themselves abreast of the latest developments in environmental conservation and sustainability.

Located on the 8th floor of Yasumoto International Academic Park, the museum is just 3 minutes’ walk from the University MTR Station. Guided tours can also be arranged for groups of 10 to 20 people. Before you set off for MoCC, let’s follow the camera to enjoy a quick e-tour of the museum.

Address: Yasumoto International Academic Park, 8th Floor
Opening hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays to Saturdays:
9:30 am – 12:30 pm; 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Wednesdays, Sundays, public holidays and University Holidays
(24th and 31st December, and Lunar New Year Eve): Closed

Trophies for CUHK Marathon Runners

An award ceremony was held on April 26 to honor outstanding runners from CUHK Marathon Team. More than 40 runners from different race categories and their family members were invited to the ceremony to receive the trophies and share the joy of the achievement together.

With the active participation of a large number of runners, New Asia College, Chung Chi College, United College as well as the Faculties of Medicine, Engineering and Science were presented with the “Most Supportive College/Faculty Award”.

The Department of Sports Science and Physical Education and the Department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology were both presented with certificates of appreciation in recognition of the pre-race training and onsite medical assistance offered respectively by the two parties. Moreover, our big thanks go to all the cheering supporters who expended much effort in cheering and encouraging the runners on the racing day.

Halal food in CUHK

Right after the May 1 Labour Day, a new canteen was opened in Lee Wai Chun Building. Different from other canteens in the campus, the new outlet provides Halal food, which is not only welcomed by Muslims but also offers an authentic choice for all CUHK members.

Though the canteen had been open for less than a week, it was already a popular one among the students. Key items on the menu include kebab, pizza and salad, among which the lamb and chicken tikka kebab are the two hottest choices. Specially prepared sauce and freshly roasted meat make a perfect combination. No wonder more than three hundred kebabs are usually sold every day.

According to Harry, the Indian manager of the canteen, Halal Certified food means all the ingredients are selected and prepared according to Islamic procedures. The restaurant chain imports the meat from different places, for example, chicken from Brazil, lamb from New Zealand and beef from Malaysia. Thanks to the experienced Indian and Pakistani staff, you don't need to wait for long to enjoy your order even when there is long queue ahead.

Venue: Room G05, Li Wai Chun Building
Service hours: 10am – 8pm (Mon-Sat)

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