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Making Friends From Afar

CUHK hosted a “Culture Night” party on April 14 for over 100 overseas, mainland and local students. Consuls-General representing a variety of nations and donors of non-local student scholarship attended the party to meet with the students. Even with the diversity in nationalities and the unfamiliarity of each other’s cultures, everyone was quickly engrossed in sharing and making new friends.

During the party, talented students from different parts of the world joined together to give fantastic performances, which included a Tibetan dance, singing with guitar, drum and Hawaiian ukulele, as well as lively band music. Along with the entertainment, three booths showcasing a few of our traditional skills —flour sculpting; dragon beard candy and cartoon portraiture were set up to give the international students a taste of Chinese culture.

Characters Tell the History

The Art Museum of CUHK has recently opened a new exhibition “The Bei Shan Tang Legacy: Chinese Calligraphy”. The public are welcome and it will last from April 12 to Nov 16, 2014.

Chinese calligraphy possesses astounding beauty as well as carrying in itself a profound cultural legacy. Divided into two phases, the exhibition features 100 pieces of calligraphic works from the Tang to the Qing Dynasty, including Buddhist sutras, poems, letters, couplets, essays, manuscripts and other items. Among the highlights are the precious handwritings of Chinese emperors and the exquisite works of esteemed calligraphers. Apart from skills and stylistic changes, these calligraphic works reflect the artist’s personality, cultivation, social life, and even the rise and fall of a dynasty. Now, just follow our camera to have a glimpse of the valuable treasures of Chinese culture.

Video of “The Bei Shan Tang Legacy : Chinese Calligraphy” Exhibition

If you are just a beginner, don’t be shy about the subtleties of it. There is also a special video where Vice-Chancellor Prof. Joseph Sung shares his passion for Chinese calligraphy.

Video of Professor Sung sharing his passion for Chinese Calligraphy

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