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Sunshine at CUHK Cheers You Up

Busy and stressed by the exams? Remember to treat yourself to free ice cream and sweet soup by Sunshine at CUHK between 18 to 20 April, and take a sweet break.

It is common to feel stressed during exams, and some may even suffer from emotional distress. However, if you take the first step to change, there is always a way through. Let’s hear the story of a CUHK alumus Sammy Leung, a renowned DJ in Hong Kong, who talks about his own experience and ways to find joy of life, in the video.

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Pioneer Minor Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

CUHK is introducing a pioneering, university-wide Minor Programme in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EPIN) in the 2017-18 academic year. The first of its kind in Hong Kong, EPIN is open to all undergraduate students from different faculties and departments.

In recent years, there has been a wave of entrepreneurship in Hong Kong. In the latest Budget, the Government has also introduced a number of measures to support Hong Kong’s start-ups. Riding this wave of entrepreneurial innovation, the younger generation should be well prepared and equipped.

The design of the EPIN curriculum employs an interdisciplinary approach. Specially designed courses on knowledge and skills required for entrepreneurial innovation are arranged by various faculties and departments to provide a comprehensive training for students. The programme encourages collaborative efforts among students of different specialisations. In the 2017-18 academic year, three new courses, ‘Anatomy of an Entrepreneur’, ‘Design Thinking and Practices’ and ‘The Psychology of Creativity and Innovation’, will be introduced to start the Minor.

Let’s watch the video to learn more about the culture of entrepreneurship on campus.

Prof. James J. Heckman on "Life-Relevant Skills"

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Prof. Benjamin A. Elman on “A Late Chosŏn Korean Polymath -- Kim Chŏng-hŭi (1786-1856) and Qing Dynasty Qianlong – Jiaqing Era Scholarship”
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Jao Tsung-I Visiting Professor Public Lecture 2017 - Around the World to Visit Oracle Bone Collections: Studies of Oracle Bone Inscriptions for Half a Century
Uncovering the Spirit in public life: an experiment in a secular age
CUHK Uncovers Immune Escape Mechanism of Cancer Opening Up New Direction for Cancer Immunotherapy
CUHK and HKSI Sign MOU on Elite Athletes Study Programme
CUHK and ETH Zurich Forge an Alliance on Innovative Technologies for Gastrointestinal Diseases

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