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A Journey in Time through Movies

March is for movie lovers at CUHK. The ‘I • CARE Film Festival’ has been launched again this spring. From 6 to 30 of March, a total of 24 selected films of different countries and genres, be they classic or contemporary, are being screened around the campus in this four-week event.

Titled “Once Upon Our Times”, this year’s Film Festival takes the audience on a trip down memory lane to revisit past eras as captured on celluloid. Besides movie screenings, sharing sessions are also organised for in-depth discussions on the movies.

The opening of the Film Festival was an outdoor screening of the famous movie Comrades: Almost a Love Story in New Asia College. Peter Chan, director of the movie, was invited to join the post-screening session and talked about his ideas behind the movie. The Vice-Chancellor of CUHK, Prof. Joseph Sung will join the post-screening session of the documentary My Voice, My Life, together with actors in the movie, to discuss education and youth development in Hong Kong. In the pre-screening discussion of the French movie The Finishers, Daniel Lee from the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education and a former member of the Hong Kong Triathlon National Squad will talk about sportsmanship. Sir Run Run Shaw Hall, where an overnight screening of the Before Trilogy takes place, will definitely be a good spot for those who agree with the saying that life is but a dream. The latest Hong Kong movie Mad World will be the closing film followed by a lecture from three local movie directors.

Limited seats are available at the moment, act fast. Please click here for event details and registration.

Before Sunset
Mad World
My Voice, My Life
The Finishers

Father of HK Mathematical Olympiad Receives Paul Erdös Award

Renowned as the ‘Father of the Hong Kong Mathematical Olympiad’, Prof. Kar-Ping Shum recently received the Paul Erdös Award 2016, in recognition of his distinguished accomplishment in promoting mathematics education. He is the first academic in Hong Kong to receive this highly esteemed international award in the mathematics academia.

Prof. Shum taught in the Department of Mathematics at CUHK from 1971 till 2007. In 1985, he established the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) Hong Kong Committee, and has been one of the key players in helping Hong Kong to succeed in bids to twice host the International Mathematical Olympiad. In 1988, he assisted the Hong Kong Mathematical Society in organising its first team to participate in the IMO held in Australia.

Prof. Shum believes that interest is important in math training. He also encourages talented students to challenge themselves with more difficult mathematics problems in order to excel beyond their peers. Prof. Shum hopes that Math Olympiad will nurture more math talents in Hong Kong and even Fields Medalists in the near future.

HK's first team to participate in the IMO held
in Australia in 1988
HK held the 35th IMO in 1994

Veg Bouquet Brings Fresh Taste to Graduates

Every year at this time, College Photo Day takes place when final year students wear their graduation gowns and take photos with their classmates, friends and families on campus.

Besides the usual beautiful flower bouquets, students from the Agricultural Development Group are offering another choice as a gift to the graduates: a vegetable bouquet. Emily Shum, president of the Group and a third-year student from the Programme of Cultural Magagement explains, “The bouquets are made of organic vegetables from local farms. They not only look fresh and nice in photos, but also taste good.” Introduced last year for the first time, the veg bouquet was well-received by the students. This initiative also won recognition from the Environment Bureau of HKSAR Government, which presented the students with the “Sustainable Development Promotion Award for Students of Higher Education Institutions” earlier this year.

Let’s see how our daily greens are turned into a colourful veg bouquet through the video. You can also grab the last chance to order a veg bouquet by 13 March to capture in some fresh new graduation photos. Please click here to order.

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