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CUHK Scholars Honoured with National Awards

In the 2016 State Science and Technology Awards ceremony, CUHK has received six prestigious awards, including one State Natural Science Award (SNSA) second-class, one State Scientific and Technological Progress Award (SSTPA) first-class, three SSTPA second-class awards as well as, for the first time, the SSTPA (Innovation Team).

Prof. Joseph Sung, Vice-Chancellor and President of CUHK and Mok Hing Yiu Professor of Medicine, Prof. Jun Yu, Professor of the Department of Medicine and Therapeutics, Prof. Francis KL Chan, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. William KK Wu of the Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care and the Institute of Digestive Diseases, and Prof. Simon SM Ng of the Department of Surgery, were honoured with the SNSA second-class award for the project entitled ‘Integrative Research on Molecular Pathogenesis, Diagnostic Biomarkers and Prevention for Colorectal Cancer’. The Innovation Team on the Study of Digestive Cancers formed by Prof. Joseph Sung, Prof. Jun Yu, and Dr. Qiaoyi Liang of the Department of Medicine and Therapeutics in collaboration with the Fourth Military Medical University was honoured with the SSTPA (Innovation Team).

Prof. Cheuk-chun Szeto from the Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine and Therapeutics is involved in the project ‘The Research and Application of Combining Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine for the Treatment of IgA Nephropathy’, which has received the SSTPA first-class award.

The three SSTPA second-class awards were received by three CUHK researchers, including Prof. Yi-xiang Wang, Associate Professor of the Department of Imaging and Interventional Radiology with the project ‘Exploration and Application of Magnetic Resonance Based Multi-modality Molecular and Functional Imaging’, Prof. Hui-yao Lan, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Medicine (Research), Choh-Ming Li Professor of Biomedical Sciences on ‘Mechanisms, Prevention, and Treatment for Progressive Chronic Kidney Disease’, and Prof. Chi Pui Pang, S.H. Ho Professor of Visual Sciences and Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences with the project ‘Investigation of the Pathogenicity of Retinal Disease Genes and Promotion of Its Application in Disease Treatment and Prevention’.

Hear it from Experts: Manage Your Pace in Marathon

On 12 February, over 3,100 runners of the CUHK Marathon Team will join the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon, setting a new record for CUHK’s team. To help the runners get prepared for this challenging race, the University has arranged training courses and seminars conducted by the professionals from the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education, Physical Education Unit, and the CUHK Sports Medicine Team to share useful tips with runners.

Miss Chow Chi Ngan Alison, an Assistant Lecturer from the Physical Education Unit and also a professional marathon runner, has given her advice to CUHK runners through the video. She believes pacing management is vital for endurance running. For amateur runners or those who are joining the marathon for the first time, she suggests the “start slow and finish fast” strategy, which means to begin running at a slow, easy pace but finish the second half at a relatively faster pace. In the video, Miss Chow explains in detail how to control pace in different phases of the race and how to deploy the strategy in the pre-race trainings.

Later, we will have another video introducing more tips and tactics for runners by two lecturers Mr. Daniel Lee and Mr. Chan Chi Ming, such as optimal drafting position, cutting corners, reeling in the runners, and positive mantras during the run. Let’s stay tuned.

Alumni Career Expo - Passing on the Wisdom

Close to 500 CUHK alumni returned to their alma mater on 7 January to attend the first-ever Alumni Career Expo, organised by the CUHK Alumni Torch Fund. Different from the similar ones held by other units on campus, the Alumni Career Expo targeted young alumni instead of students, graduates who have already acquired several years’ working experience but are still exploring directions in their career.

The career expo saw 13 seminars hosted by 29 senior alumni who are top practitioners in their fields, such as the civil service, social welfare, education, finance, digital entertainment, media and information technology. Through the seminars, speakers talked about their experience and gave advice on topics such as career planning, job changing and career opportunities. The event also arranged a one-on-one consultation service and a job fair to help young alumni to better plan their career path.

CUHK Alumni Torch Fund is the first endowment fund in Hong Kong initiated and supported by alumni. To unite alumni and pass on the spirit of caring and innovation, the fund has for two years successfully organised the CUHK Entrepreneur Day which gives CUHK alumni, students and professors the opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas and put them into practice.

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