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Alumni Torch Lights Up Entrepreneurship

“CUHK Entrepreneur Day 2016”, a two-day event initiated by the CUHK Alumni Torch Fund was held on May 6 and 7, setting off a new wave of entrepreneurial enthusiasm throughout the campus with an exhibition, a series of seminars and consultancy services. The event successfully gathered together hundreds of CUHK alumni, both young and experienced entrepreneurs, investors, as well as students and professors.

Organized by the CUHK Alumni Torch Fund, an endowment fund initiated by a group of CUHK alumni, the event is the very first of its kind in the territory. This year, close to 60 start-up companies and innovative ideas from CUHK members were introduced through the exhibition booths. These included an automatic retinal image analysis system for easy detection of stroke risk by a professor from the Faculty of Medicine, a health food retail network introducing global organic food to Hong Kong by graduates of S.H. Ho College, and a wearable gear with a mobile apps developed by alumni from the Graduate School to collect data for analyzing football players’ performance.

The event was also filled with seminars hosted by 30 entrepreneurs and investors sharing their insights on starting up businesses. These included alumni of CUHK, such as Tse Ka Kui who introduced Dialogue in the Dark to Hong Kong, Alan Yip who started Guru Online, a listed pioneering internet company and Cheung Wing Hon, who launched Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund, as well as speakers from the United States, Mainland China and other Asian countries. Tim Li and his investor Steve Lau were also among the speakers who shared their successful stories. In 2011, Tim founded Qfpay in Beijing, an e-payment startup, which eventually offered mobile payment solutions for millions of small retailers in China. On his way pursuing his startup dream, Tim received strong financial support and guidance from Steve Lau, who was named as one of the top Angel Investors in China in 2015.

Let’s follow the camera to experience the passion of the entrepreneurial spirit from the event and listen to the sharing from our alumni who pioneered in the pursuit of new careers through startups.

CUHK Recognised as Caring Organisation by HKCSS

CUHK has been recognised as a “Caring Organisation” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Services in recognition of CUHK’s commitment to the community, its employees and the environment.

In 2013, “CUHK • Care Service Team” was formed to encourage all members of CUHK to contribute to our society with CUHK’s benevolent humanistic culture. Since its establishment, the team has grown to a membership of over 750 people and participated in more than 100 social services with different non-profit organisations. In 2015, the Service Team delivered over 1,000 CUHK mooncakes to the elderly through the CUHK Mooncake for Charity Campaign. Staff, students and alumni are welcome to join the Service Team. Please click the website for details: http://www.cpr.cuhk.edu.hk/en/cuhkcare.php

The University’s personnel policies and staff benefits show CUHK’s emphasis on and care for every staff member. In 2013, CUHK established the ‘Positive Workplace and Staff Development Committee’. Various workshops and activities have been organized to create a harmonious and productive working environment through positive communication, team relationships, concern and care, and mutual respect. The ‘Task Force on Women and Family-Friendly Policies’ was established in 2014. In addition to the family-friendly policies, such as maternity leave and paternity leave for staff, CUHK has also opened four nursing rooms to provide a comfortable and hygienic space for lactating staff.

CUHK also implements various environmental protection policies and practices to create a sustainable campus. In 2015, the University introduced new methods to implement its waste management initiatives. Various design elements of green buildings are also considered in different construction projects. As a result, more than ten buildings received the Green Building Certification Label and won four awards in the ‘Green Building Award 2014’. The green works of CUHK are widely recognised. CUHK has twice won the Gold Award (Sectoral Award), Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) and received Hong Kong Green Organisation Certification (HKGOC) for its performance in energy saving and waste reduction.

To foster an atmosphere of warmth and mutual care on campus, CUHK also launched a university-wide campaign “Sunshine at CUHK”. The campaign aims to promote mental wellness literacy through various activities and enhance the University’s mental health support network. A series of large-scale activities were arranged early this year at the University Mall, including a talk on positive living, a meditation workshop, Qigong exercises and Zen-painting, which raised the awareness on mental health issues on campus. Moreover, the newly launched “CU Angel” programme invites CUHK teachers and students to become a “CU Angel” by hanging out the sign to tell the students around them that they are willing and ready to listen to their troubles. Details of “Sunshine at CUHK” campaign: http://www.sunshine.cuhk.edu.hk/

This recognition cannot be possible without the concerted effort of all members of the University. Let us join hands in making CUHK a better place and a caring campus.

"CUHK • Care" Service Team sent CUHK Mooncakes to the elderly
"CUHK • Care" Service Team visited discharged elderly patients
"CUHK • Care" Service Team participated in a Beach Cleaning Campaign
CUHK provides nursing rooms for breastfeeding mothers
Staff training programmes organized by the Personnel Office
Staff training programmes organized by the Personnel Office
Wide application of renewable energy
Rooftop garden on campus
‘Love Food Hate Waste @ CUHK’ campaign

Taste Buds Excitement!

With a reputation for serving meals of variety and novelty, the student canteen at Lee Woo Sing College will be bringing another surprise to its customers in June, the Roasted Pork Rib Set. Nicely roasted baby back ribs are coated with tasty barbecue sauce and sprinkled with fresh herbs. The long ribs will be served together with crisply coated scotch eggs, onion rings and fresh salad on a wooden plate, accompanied by two drinks, which makes the combo a good choice for two.

The newly released Jumbo Burger and Cheese Chicken on Sizzling Plate are also mouth-watering choices to satisfy your appetite. There are three kinds of burger set, including the tender and juicy Jumbo Cheese Burger with Chicken Steak, the crisp golden Jumbo Cheese Burger with Fish Fillet and the healthy Jumbo Portobello Mushroom & Veggie Burger packed with extra-large mushroom, tomato and taro. Each burger set also includes crisscut fries, salad and a drink. The authentic Cheese Chicken on Sizzling Plate is definitely the chef’s choice. Fried chicken cubes with leek slices are placed in the middle of the sizzling iron plate. A mixture of cheddar and mozzarella cheese sauce on the plate makes the dish an irresistible choice for cheese lovers. Rice and Korean style spicy soup are served on the side to balance the milky flavor.

As one of several student canteens on campus, the canteen at Lee Woo Sing College is not just providing standard meals to its customers. According to the canteen manager, the staff of the canteen will talk with the students to learn their preference and then develop new dishes from time to time to bring exciting dining experiences to the campus. To meet the needs of different eaters, the canteen also offers multiple choices for vegetarian.

The serving time for the set food introduced above may vary. You may want to give a call to check out the availability beforehand or you can also try your luck with the dish of the day.

Opening hours
Monday - Friday | 7:30am-9:30pm
Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays | 9:00am-9:30pm
Phone: 2603 5568

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