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Join CUHK Marathon Team

The Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon will be held on 12 February 2017. CUHK members who have successfully enrolled for the race are welcome to join the CUHK Marathon Team!

Each member of the CUHK Marathon Team will enjoy exclusive benefits and strong support from the University. Before the race, members will receive a newly designed running tee-shirt or singlet and get the chance to join marathon seminars and training conducted by professionals of the University. During the race, CUHK cheerers will support our runners along the routes and University photographers will help to capture the precious moments. Team members can also receive physiotherapy from the CUHK Sports Medicine Team on the event day and get a souvenir from the University after completing the race. Runners with outstanding results will also be presented with trophies from the University after the race.

Special thanks to CUHK alumnus Mr. Philip Sin and his wife Betty for sponsoring the CUHK Marathon Team uniform for the second year! The CUHK team wearing this signature uniform in the race will surely show a united spirit.

Please click here to register before 25 November.
Please click here to enjoy the video of CUHK Marathon Team’s performance in January this year.

New Technology for a Better Environment

Prof. Steven Chu, former US Secretary of Energy and the Nobel Laureate in Physics 1997 has been invited as United College’s Distinguished Visiting Scholar for 2016-17. On 20 October, he gave a talk on campus, titled ‘Energy, Climate Change and a Low Cost Path Forward’ to a full house of over 1,000.

In the lecture, Prof. Chu firstly showed the increasing threat of climate change through a set of data. He then introduced the development and application of various types of clean energy, such as solar and wind energy. He expressed the belief that science and technology can help to make a better environment: artificial intelligence allocates resources more efficiently, better battery storage expedites clean renewable energy, and the nanomaterial filter provides a new method for solving the air pollution problem.

Prof. Chu is the longest serving Energy Secretary and also the first scientist to hold a cabinet position in the US. He recruited outstanding scientists and engineers into the Department of Energy during his term of office. In the lecture, Prof. Chu said he joined the government with the hope of leveraging science and technology to combat the challenge of climate change. He also encouraged each audience member to take up the responsibility of keeping a better environment for the next generation.

The video of the lecture was uploaded to CUTV for public view.

A Festival of Innovation

InnoCarnival 2016 has started at Hong Kong Science Park. As one of the participants, CUHK showcases 12 innovative projects in its booth, including a system for producing Virtual Reality (VR) field trips, an interactive design for teaching human body structure and an invention for people with colour blindness to enjoy normal vision.

Developed by CUHK's Centre for Learning Sciences and Technologies, the EduVenture® VR system is a user-friendly web-based composer for teachers to produce VR and AR (Augmented Reality)-based immersive field trips. Through this system, students of limited means or with special needs can experience real-life field trips which would otherwise be costly, difficult or impractical. The TouchBody system, designed by Prof. Pheng Ann Heng and his team from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, provides a “Where You Touch Is What You See” interface to learn the structure of our bodies. Users standing in front of a big screen simply touch any part of his or her body, and a 3D model of the organs in that region will be shown on the screen. It can be used in physiology courses and public health education for primary and secondary schools. Another project named ‘Seamless Visual Sharing with Colour Blind People’ has been developed by Prof. Wong Tien-Tsin from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Through the standard stereoscopic display devices installed with the newly invented system, audiences with colour vision deficiency wearing 3D glasses can see the same visual content simultaneously with normal vision audiences.

All are welcome to visit CUHK’s booth (No. F20) and experience these interesting innovative projects at the InnoCarnival 2016.

Date: 29 October to 6 November 2016
Time: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (Sat. & Sun.);
10:00 am to 6:00 pm (Mon. to Fri.)
Venue: Convention Centre 3, 1/F., 12W, Phase 3, Hong Kong Science Park

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