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CUHK Together Through the Rain

It was a very rainy day for the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon on 17 January. A strong and united team, comprising nearly 3,000 runners, 300 cheerers and the Sports Medicine Team from CUHK participated in the event regardless of the soaking weather.

With a new record number of runners, CUHK Marathon Team was the second largest team in this year’s race. Thousands of tenacious runners were identified by their signature purple CUHK running shirts in the huge crowd of participants, showcasing a strong team spirit along the racing route.

Cheering up our runners from the sidelines, in the downpour, was a passionate supporting team of nearly 300 CUHK students, alumni, teachers and staff, located at various points along the routes. They chanted slogans enthusiastically and took photos for runners despite the heavy rain. CUHK Sports Medicine Team also had their hands full helping runners to relax sore muscles after the race.

Let us revisit the exuberant atmosphere of the Marathon and the overwhelming sense of CUHK solidarity through the video. Photos taken of all CUHK runners at the marathon have also been uploaded to CUHK Marathon website: http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/cpr/marathon/Photo.html

Liu Mingkang Talked on China’s Economy

On 11 January, Prof. Liu Mingkang, founding Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, Honorary Professor of the Faculty of Business Administration and BCT Distinguished Research Fellow of the Institute of Global Economics and Finance, CUHK gave a lecture titled “Chinese Economic Challenges and Opportunities - How to Include the ‘One Belt, One Road’ Strategy” to a full house of 280 people.

Prof. Liu is a problem-solving expert on the Chinese banking system and was appointed to key positions in many banks and government departments. In the talk, he started with the potential of China’s latest economic plan and shared views formed from his first-hand experience in large infrastructure projects. Prof. Liu also emphasized the important contributions made by Hong Kong from its unique advantages in four areas, namely its legal system, information flows, finance and talent resources.

During the Q&A session, the guests made good use of the opportunity to raise questions about China’s economic development with the guru of the China banking system. The video of the lecture is now ready for public view.

A Feast of Leftovers

On 28 January, the “Love Food Hate Waste @ CUHK” campaign held the Leftover Meal Event at the Cultural Square, with the aim of raising participants’ awareness of the food waste issue. Mr. K.S. Wong, JP, Secretary for the Environment, and Prof. Joseph Sung, Vice-Chancellor, were invited to be the officiating guests and to perform a culinary demonstration on preparing a meal with leftovers, for the attending staff and students.

Launched in 2013, the “Love Food Hate Waste@ CUHK” campaign is supported by the Environment and Conservation Fund of the Environmental Protection Department and co-organized with Greeners Action. A variety of programmes have been organized to promote treasuring food, including “Experience Week on Food Waste Segregation”, “Save Food Ambassador Training”, and “Clean the Plate; Get a Prize”. With the active participation of colleges, caterers, catering committees, staff and students, food waste has been reduced by nearly 20% in the past year, and the number of diners achieving zero leftovers in canteens increased by 13%.

The “Love Food Hate Waste @ CUHK” Campaign continues. Promotion of the importance of treasuring food and reduction at source will be stepped up; food waste collection stations will be increased, so that more students, staff and caterers can participate.

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