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Battles for the Betterment

The LUI Che Woo Prize − Prize for World Civilisation Laureate Public Lecture was given on campus on 5 October. Speakers included Mr. Rémi Carrier, the Executive Director and Dr. Natasha Reyes, the Emergency Response Support Unit Manager from Médecins Sans Frontières – Hong Kong. The University was honoured by the presence of Dr. the Honourable Lui Che Woo at the lecture. This year, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has been awarded the LUI Che Woo Prize – Prize for World Civilisation, the Welfare Betterment Prize for its indispensable contributions to the treatment and control of the cholera outbreak in Haiti and the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

Through the lecture, which is titled "From the worst Ebola epidemic to the brutal hospital attacks - the first-hand experience and perspective of Médecins Sans Frontières", the two speakers talked about the challenges in their work. The recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the worst one in history, causing over 11,000 deaths. The weaknesses in global response, as well as the fear and suspicion of an unknown virus, mistrust of politicians and foreigners, and a weak public health system in the affected countries, all contributed to the virus’ surge. MSF, as one of the few organisations working on the forefront of the outbreak, was stretched to its limits. Not long after the outbreak subsided, the organisation faced a brutal attack on its trauma centre in Afghanistan, constituting one of the single largest losses of life in the 44-year history of MSF. Both the political conflicts and diseases are posing great challenges for MSF.

Founded by Dr. Lui Che Woo on 24 September 2015, the “LUI Che Woo Prize – Prize for World Civilisation” is an annual, first of its kind, international, cross-sector and innovative award for advancing world civilisation and inspiring people to build a more harmonious world.

The video of the lecture has been uploaded to CUTV for public view.

New Programme to Nurture Business and Legal Dual Talents

CUHK announced the launch of the Bachelor of Business Administration (Integrated BBA Programme) and Juris Doctor ("BBA-JD") Double Degree Programme. This new five-year BBA-JD programme jointly offered by CUHK Business School and the Faculty of Law is the first of its kind in Asia. The first intake with up to 40 students will be admitted in 2017-18.

In today’s global and complicated business environment, interdisciplinary knowledge and skills has become one of the core competencies for business professionals. The synergy of combining legal and business training is, in fact, widely appreciated by the industry and many young professionals. The new BBA-JD programme brings to Asia, for the first time, an articulated undergraduate/postgraduate double degree combining business and law. Leveraging the synergy between legal and business training, graduates will be well-equipped to assume leadership roles in business and various sectors including the government, community service, law enforcement, education and media.

The BBA-JD programme blends two strategic disciplines into a single programme and students will obtain two degrees in five years – a BBA degree awarded by CUHK Business School and a JD degree awarded by CUHK Faculty of Law, as opposed to the usual six years required for a BBA (four years) degree and a JD degree (two years). During the first three years, students are required to complete most of the Integrated BBA programme curriculum and six undergraduate law courses (LLB). In the fourth year, students will take both business and JD courses and will mainly focus on JD courses in the fifth year. The programme also provides the flexibility for students who wish to complete their study in four years with a BBA degree and a minor in Law, according to their interests, strengths and needs.

To know more about the University’s programmes, all are welcome to join the Orientation Day for Undergraduate Admissions on 22 October.

CUHK’s Orientation Day for Undergraduate Admissions
Date: 22 October (Saturday)
Time: 8:30am – 6:30pm
Details: Please click here.

CUHK’s Engineering Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Innovation

This year, the Faculty of Engineering sees its 25th Anniversary. Throughout the years, the faculty has been pursuing knowledge at the frontier of modern technology and nurtured entrepreneurial talents with innovation and foresight. It was founded in 1991 by Professor Charles Kao, who guided the faculty to concentrate on studies in computer science, electronic engineering, and information technology, with the belief that the whole world would rely heavily on the development of information technology in the future.

Professor Kao’s foresight not only laid down a solid foundation for the faculty’s long-term development, it became a tradition for the faculty members. Over the past 25 years, the faculty has been pursuing knowledge at the frontier of modern technology and nurtured entrepreneurial talents with innovation and foresight. Ricky Wong founded City Telecom, which played a significant role in liberalising the international telecommunications market monopoly in Hong Kong. Samson Tam became the pioneer in the market for an electronic dictionary with the heated “Instant-Dict”. Entering the 21st century, young graduates continue to ride on new opportunities and take up new challenges. Martin Tsang seized the opportunity from the bloom of electric vehicles to become the only electric vehicle charging service provider in Hong Kong. As for Tsang Ka-chun Tab, a student of Computer Science & Engineering, he started his mobile phone game company 'C4Cat' with the support of CUHK’s Pi Centre. His first game “Dynamix” was on sale in Google Play and soon came out second on the sales list.

There is no quick pass from innovation to entrepreneurship. For many years, the faculty has been providing a free academic environment and encouraging the students to pursue their interests. It also arranged workshops and lectures to help the students apply their knowledge to meet societal and human needs. As a result, students of engineering are award-winners in many technology competitions with their innovative ideas and strong capability in implementation. Faculty of Engineering members also excel in scientific researches for the betterment of humankind. Their researches on areas such as new energy, telecom, and artificial intelligence have gained significant recognition globally. This year, CUHK’s success rate of applications for General Research Fund 2016-17 in the Engineering discipline ranked first among other local universities.

The anniversary celebration will be held on 8 October at CUHK. It will include an exhibition of achievements, a lab tour, an alumni fundraising walkathon and a celebration banquet. All members of the faculty are welcome to register online to celebrate this special occasion.

Please click here for the details of the celebration.

The Faculty of Engineering achieved excellences in the research on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
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Solar Car ‘THE CUE’ won Renewable Energy Capture & Conversion Efficiency Award
CUHK launched Pi Centre to boost student entrepreneurship
CUHK named world’s most impactful research institution in telecoms

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CUHK Showcases the First System of Seamless Visual Sharing With Colour Blind People at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair

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