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A Tribute to Long Service Staff

CUHK recently presented the 2014 Long Service Awards to 105 staff members who have been working at the University for 25 and 35 years. Officiated by Vice-Chancellor Prof. Joseph Sung, the award ceremony welcomed the awardees and their friends and colleagues to celebrate together.

One of the awardees who have served the University for 35 years is Mr. Ip Kwong-ming from Estates Management Office. During his early days in CUHK, his main duties included wooden furnishings maintenance and ceremonial site decoration. He recalled they needed to spend over one and a half months to set up the canopy for the congregation in the 1970’s. Even though the skills and technology have been upgraded, the venue set up for the graduation ceremony has remained one of the most unforgettable annual events for him and his team. From offices and lecture rooms to dormitories, his workplace has covered all corners of the campus. To him, it is the attachment with the team that he treasures the most.

Another awardee is Mr. Ning Hung-pun, who is in charge of exhibition technology and the art restoration and conservation work at the Art Museum. Mr. Ning is an expert in lacquerware and oil painting restoration. Besides exhibits in the Art Museum, he also helps to restore and repair collections from other departments in the University, including the paintings of the former vice-chancellors in Cho Yiu Hall. Moreover, working at CUHK Art Museum has provided him with the rare chance to collaborate with experts in Mainland China in Archaeological Research over the years.

Mr. Ning has taken several initiatives in his work, including using LED lighting to reduce heat and energy, an MP3 player as a tour guide and a mobile application to introduce the latest exhibitions from the Art Museum.

Let’s hear their stories with CUHK through the video.

Amazing Reflections

CUHK is a picturesque campus covered in greenery. With so many varieties of blooming flowers and leafy trees, the campus is indeed a botanical garden laid out by nature. Among the greenery is a scattering of small ponds and lakes with surfaces as smooth as mirrors and with the glitter of gems. The water not only makes the scene more invigorating and poetic but also gives off amazing reflections of the beautiful campus. In the hot summer, why not take a rest beside the ponds, appreciate the amazing reflections in the water and enjoy a quiet and pleasant moment.

Photos courtesy: Mr. See Kwan-on

Photos courtesy: Mr. See Kwan-on

Photos courtesy: Mr. See Kwan-on

Photos courtesy: Mr. See Kwan-on

Photos courtesy: Miss Chan Wai-yee (Second Runner-up of Open Group in Eco Tour Photo Contest 2014)

Photos courtesy: Mr. Chan Cheung Michael (Champion of Open Group in Eco Tour Photo Contest 2014)

Photos courtesy: Mr. Wong Chi-keung (First Runner-up of Open Group in Eco Tour Photo Contest 2014)

A Summer for Science

In order to nurture scientifically talented students with systematically developed courses, Science Academy for Young Talent (SAYT) organized by CUHK Faculty of Science has been offering summer enrichment courses for secondary school students since 2010.

This summer, 16 summer courses will be open, with topics covering Astronomy, Bionics, Earth System Science and Nanotechnology. The courses aim to enhance students' abilities in observation, experimentation and their knowledge of science. Students who are being promoted to Form 2 and up to Form 6 of local secondary schools are welcome.

Online application is now open until 31 May. Detailed course information and application are available from the link below:


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