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Looking Back: Year of the Horse at CUHK

Time flies! The year of the Horse is waving goodbye to us. In the past year, members of CUHK have experienced many unforgettable moments together.

The year of Horse was full of vitality. Close to 2,000 CUHK runners at the Standard Chartered Marathon took an early lead in our year’s activities. Following up came over 1,500 students and teachers who filled the Mall with World Cup fever in the early morning of July.

The year of the Horse saw lots of other fun on campus. The three weeks I • CARE Film Festival screened a large variety of films around the campus, inspiring the mind and nourishing the heart. A small thatched cottage was built by the lawn next to Lake Ad Excellentiam, making a peaceful place for passers-by to write their thoughts and take a rest.

The year of the Horse enlightened us. Nobel Laureates shared their insightful views. Famous picture book author Jimmy Liao and film director Sylvia Chang inspired us with their unusual experiences.

The year of the Horse was a fruitful one to many. Thousands of students graduated from the University and embraced the next stage of their lives; high recognition was received for CUHK’s efforts in building a Green Campus.

Now, let's take a look back on some of those memorable moments in the year of the Horse.

CUHK won Golf Award of HKAEE

Jimmy Liao Spoke on CUHK

CUHK Marathon Team

CUHK Conferred Honorary Doctorates

Nobel Laureate Sir Christopher A. Pissarides spoke on campus

Sylvia Chang‘s talk on campus

CUHK Receives Donation from HKJC for Teaching Hospital Project

World Cup Live at the University Mall

Thatched cottage next to Lake Ad Excellentiam

The Lifelong Love of Professor and Mrs. Charles Kao

With optical fiber cables, it takes only seconds to transmit data, but showing love takes a lifetime. On Valentine’s Day, Professor Charles Kao, Vice-Chancellor of CUHK from 1987 to 1996 and the winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics for his revolutionary invention of fiber optics, visited CW Chu College with his beloved wife, Mrs. Gwen Kao to share their moving love story with students.

Mrs. Gwen Kao related their story, which spans over 50 years, from the indelible first encounter, through career, family success and later in old age, to faithful companionship and unwavering devotion. Mrs. Kao went into depth on the struggles and triumphs along the way. The affecting account by Mrs. Kao was succeeded by a riveting reading by four students of a poem titled “The Man who Shrank the World with Light”, written by Professor Kao’s personal friend Richard Epworth, in praise of the great electrical engineer and physicist.

Let us revisit the heartwarming event through the video.

Ram Exhibition to Celebrate Chinese New Year

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2015 is the year of the Ram. To welcome the new lunar year, the Art Museum, the Department of Fine Arts and the Department of Chinese Language and Literature jointly present the exhibition on ‘Jubilant Rams in Chinese Culture: Celebrating the Year of the Ram’.

Since ancient times, rams have played a significant role in human lives and served as auspicious omens in folklore. This special exhibition includes a selection of about 40 paintings, ceramic pieces, carved jade and other gemstones, all of which relate to the Ram. It is indeed a good opportunity to enjoy the multifarious artistic representations of the Ram’s essence throughout Chinese culture!

Exhibition Period: 6 Feb - 26 Apr
Opening Hours: 10am - 5pm (Mon-Wed, Fri, Sat) /
1pm - 5pm (Sun)
Closed: Thu / 18-22 Feb / 3-7 Apr
Exhibition Venue: Art Museum, CUHK

All are welcome! Admission is free.

Mr. Antony Leung Kam-chung on "Hong Kong’s Future Economy and Job Market" (Highlight Version)
Ms. Yu Chui Yee, Mr. Lee Chi Wo Daniel and Mr. Cheng Ka Ho on "My Radiant Life in the Sports Fields"
Prof. Zhong Nanshan on "From SARS to H7N9 — Management of Acute Respiratory Virus Infection in China"
[GE Salon 2014-15] Prof. Gabriel Lau : On Global Warming
"Corners of thy Field" Economy -- I don't want relief. Please help me to be self-reliant to escape from poverty!
Professor Yu Kwang Chung on Gong Zi-zhen and Shelley
CUHK Establishes Higher Education Support System and Sign Linguistics Scholarship for Asian Deaf Students
"The WAY I•CARE!" University Community Engagement Symposium cum Project Exhibition
CUHK Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change Presents Premiere of The Drama of Climate Change

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