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Distinguished Five Conferred Honorary Doctorates

On 3 December, CUHK held its 79th Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees. Prof. Joseph Sung, Vice-Chancellor conferred five honorary doctorates and 372 doctoral degrees at the Congregation. Prof. Bai Chunli, Prof. Liu Mingkang, Dr. Leo Rafael Reif, Prof. Wu Weishan and Prof. Shinya Yamanaka had honorary degrees conferred on them in recognition of their outstanding contributions to respective areas of achievement in education, academic and cultural progress and the promotion of community welfare.

Prof. Bai Chunli is a renowned scientist in nanoscience and the first Chinese scientist to actively engage in research in nanotechnology. He is currently President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, President of The World Academy of Sciences and President of the Board, National Center for Nanoscience and Technology in China.

Prof. Liu Mingkang is a renowned financial expert and former Chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission. He is currently Honorary Dean of the Lingnan College at Sun Yat-sen University, Senior Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers, BCT Distinguished Research Fellow of the Institute of Global Economics and Finance, and Honorary Professor of the Faculty of Business Administration at CUHK. Professor Liu is a problem-solving expert on the Chinese banking system and was appointed to key positions in many banks and government departments.

Dr. Leo Rafael Reif is President of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Co-Chairman of the Steering Committee of the National Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, U.S.A, and a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. His research is centered on three-dimensional integrated circuit technologies and on environmentally benign microelectronics fabrication. Dr. Reif was unable to come to Hong Kong to attend the Congregation due to a prior commitment. The University conferred the degree on him in absentia.

Eminent sculptor Prof. Wu Weishan is currently Director of the National Art Museum of China, Vice President of the China Artists Association and President of the China Academy of Sculpture of the Chinese National Academy of Arts. He pioneered a new style of Expressive Sculpture, a technique which seeks to integrate the concept of traditional Chinese philosophy with aesthetics, blazing a new trail for contemporary Chinese sculpture.

Prof. Shinya Yamanaka is currently the Director of the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application at Kyoto University. He also serves as a senior investigator at the Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco. As one of the world’s leading stem cell researchers, he is renowned for pioneering the iPS (induced pluripotent stem) cell technology and received a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2012 with the British developmental biologist Sir John Bertrand Gurdon.

Citations of five honorary graduates: http://www.cpr.cuhk.edu.hk/cong/hongrads/current?lang=en

Let’s review the highlights of the Congregation through a video.

Marathon Experts Share Hot Tips for CUHK Runners

On 17 January 2016, nearly 3,000 CUHK runners will be taking part in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon, setting a new record for CUHK Marathon Team. To help the runners to achieve their best results in the races, the University has arranged seminars and training courses conducted by professionals from several units, including the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education, Physical Education Unit and CUHK Sports Medicine Team from the Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology. The seminars will be covering a wide range of topics including “Commonly Encountered Sports Injuries in a Marathon”, “11 Tips for Preventing Running Injuries” and “The Science of Endurance Running”.

The training courses for 10km, half and full marathon runners were completed on 28 November. CUHK runners can watch the video to catch the tips shared that day. Mr. Daniel Lee, lecturer from the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education gave much useful advice, such as warming up exercises to do before the run, postures for running on slopes and how to deal with physical discomfort during the race. In January next year, Mr. Chan Chi-ming, lecturer from the Physical Education Unit will analyze this year’s racing routes for 10km runners. Stay tuned!

A Happy Reunion at Alma Mater

The Alumni Homecoming Day, one of CUHK’s highlight events of the year for its alumni, was held on 28 November on campus, with the participation of over 5,000 alumni and their family members. On this special occasion, the alumni reunited with their classmates and teachers, and learned about the latest developments of the University.

In celebration of its 10 consecutive years, this year’s Homecoming Day was themed ‘10 Years‧Reunion’. A large variety of programmes, such as a grand carnival, campus bus tour, visiting school facilities and college / graduate school banquets were arranged on campus. Moreover, guided tours of the five new colleges, an alumni gathering corner ‘CU Café’, and talks by alumni authors were new to this year’s homecoming.

At the opening ceremony, this year’s fundraising committee of ‘CUHK Alumni Torch Fund’ presented a donation cheque of HK$1.22 million to Prof. Joseph Sung, CUHK Vice-Chancellor for their alma mater. Being the first endowment fund in Hong Kong initiated and raised by alumni, ‘CUHK Alumni Torch Fund’ was founded in 2014 by a group of devoted alumni. Nearly HK$2.9 million has been raised since the Fund’s establishment. The fund is set up to help CUHK alumni, in particular the young ones, to enhance their competitive advantages and exposure to entrepreneur opportunities, and encourage CUHK alumni in supporting the development of the University.

Let’s experience the cheerful reunion through the photos and a video.

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