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Welcoming New Students

7 September marked the first day of the new semester for CUHK. Thousands of students have come to the University and woken up the campus with their excitement. Frequently scheduled school buses are busy shuttling students to different destinations and the University Mall is full of eager conversations and enthusiastic laughter from groups going to and fro.

Amidst the students, there are many new faces to the campus — the freshmen. The University has recruited over 3,000 undergraduate students this year. To help the new students immerse themselves in university life, orientation activities have been organized by faculties and colleges.

During the Inauguration Ceremony on September 7, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Joseph Sung encouraged the new students with a quote from Confucius, “I set my heart on the way, base myself on virtue, lean upon benevolence for support and take my recreation in the arts.”

For the freshmen, university life is a completely new phase and one full of challenges. We sincerely hope everyone can organize themselves well for it and make full use of the valuable learning opportunities and the excellent environment. Let’s welcome the new members to CUHK family and hear the guidance from Vice-Chancellor through the video.

Please click here to watch the welcoming video for new students.

Please click here to watch the address by Prof. Joseph Sung.

Walk for Green

To encourage CUHK members to walk more on campus instead of taking a car or bus, Estates Management Office together with Information Technology Service Centre and Physical Education Unit launched the “Walk for Green” programme. Participants just need to tap their CU Link card at the card readers at the start and end points of the walking route to record their walk. Those who complete a certain number of trips between 7 September, 2015 and 30 June, 2016 will be named “The Green Walker”.

“Walk for Green” has been operated for 2 consecutive years now, and it provides three walking routes, connecting University MTR Station and Central Campus. Each route requires only 10 to 20 minutes’ walking. Participants need to finish a chosen route within 1 hour to make a valid record, which will accumulate points for them. To receive “The Green Walker” award, 120 points are needed. Participants can also log in with student/staff ID and CWEM password to check their walking record online.

With improved walkways and vertical transport facilities, a walk on campus is made easier and more convenient. Walking not only helps to make a greener campus, it is also a healthier choice. Why not give it a try?

For detailed information of the programme, please click the link below:


5F, Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building
GF, Wong Foo Yuan Building
GF, Yasumoto International Academic Park

Visiting the Elderly with CUHK Mooncake

To celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, CUHK co-organised the social service “Visiting the Elderly with CUHK Mooncake” with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong’s Ma On Shan District Elderly Community Centre and Strategic CSR Network. Vice-Chancellor Prof. Joseph Sung, District Officer (Shatin) Cora Ho JP, Strategic CSR Network Chairman and CUHK alumni Richard Tsang, CUHK Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof. Michael Hui and Associate Vice-President Prof. Fung Tung joined 100 volunteers from the CUHK ∙ Care Service Team to celebrate the festive season with the elderly.

There were many fun activities arranged for the elderly, including a singing performance, a Chinese opera performance by children, an introduction to Chinese medicinal herbs and interactive games. During his visit to the Community Centre, Professor Sung played games and sang songs with over 100 of the elderly. After that, he led the volunteers from the CUHK ∙ Care Service Team in visits to elderly people living in Ma On Shan. He visited two elderly people and delivered “CUHK Mooncake” and a gift bag to each.

The CUHK ∙ Care Service Team will visit the elderly living alone in Shatin and Tai Po in September, and deliver a mooncake and a gift bag to each. A total of 1,000 CUHK mooncakes will be delivered.

CUHK, for the first time, is producing “CUHK Mooncake” for staff, students and alumni to purchase. The charity “CUHK Mooncake” is baked by Caritas La Vie, a social enterprise which provides job opportunities for the recovering mentally disabled through its baking workshop. For each box of "CUHK Mooncake" sold, CUHK · Care will deliver a free mooncake to the elderly. Those who purchase “CUHK Mooncake” can choose to donate all of his/her purchased mooncakes to the elderly.

The gift bags delivered to the elderly are sponsored by Strategic CSR Network, a not-for-profit organisation that aims to serve underprivileged communities in Hong Kong on an ongoing basis. By leveraging Strategic Public Relations Group’s existing business and social networks, and by functioning as a one-stop platform, Strategic CSR Network is able to connect and bring together different parties, including corporations, NGOs/charities and volunteers to achieve common goals.

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