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Campus Gardeners

The campus of CUHK is indeed a botanical garden. Around 60% of the 137-hectare site is covered in greenery. This includes more than 300 species of plants and nearly 200 species of trees, making the campus the epitome of Hong Kong’s ecology. You can hardly believe that when the University was built more than 50 years ago, this scenic place was just a barren hill side.

The Landscaping Section of the Estates Management Office started growing plants around the campus as early as the 1960’s. In order to sow the seeds, the landscapers even had to drill holes into the hard rock and fill them with soil suitable for planting. Since the roads around the hill were not yet completed, they had to climb up it with a hoe on the shoulder, step by step. The careful cultivation which followed the seeding was even more complicated and time consuming, involving fertilizing, watering, insecticide treatment, pruning, fixing and protection. Year upon year, young sprouts grew into big trees, and the barren hill side has been transformed into a colorful garden.

Thanks to the pioneering work of those landscape gardeners who sowed the seeds for today’s campus, nowadays we are able to enjoy a green and refreshing environment for learning. In the video, we have invited comments from colleagues from the Landscaping Section, including one retired member who has witnessed the changes and development since the 1970s. Let’s listen to the intriguing stories behind the beautiful scene.

3D Imaging System to Help Orthopaedic Patients

The Faculty of Medicine of CUHK recently introduced the low dose EOS 2D/3D imaging system, one of the state-of-the-art imaging technologies to enhance orthopaedic diagnosis and attain optimal treatment. The new system commenced service at the Prince of Wales Hospital (PWH) in June 2015. It not only generates 3D images automatically for more accurate assessment of the patient’s condition, but also shortens half of the check-up time, with the radiation dosage produced 90% less than that of the conventional X-ray.

As one of the referral centers for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis patients, PWH has about 1,000 new cases and 3,000 follow-up cases each year. Many of these patients require X-ray examination every half year to monitor their spinal growth and treatment progress, and some may even need life-long follow-up. The new system can avoid exposing patients to large radiation doses repeatedly under conventional X-ray. Other patients will also benefit from the new system, such as adults with spinal problems, those who undergo total hip and knee replacement surgery, and people with leg length discrepancy.

The Art of CUHK Exhibition Now On

Following the BA Graduate Exhibition in June, The Art of CUHK 2015 has now opened its last show – the Postgraduate Exhibition at the Art Museum and New Asia College of CUHK. All are welcome to appreciate the works by the graduates and year one master's degree students.

The exhibits cover a wide range of media, such as painting, photography, video recording, installation art and mixed media, to present a colorful world of art to the audience. In the exhibition booklet, Prof. Chan Yuk-keung from the Department of Fine Arts said, “We can create and influence the things, the happenings and the people around us. To expand further, art can even change the world.”

Let’s experience the art world through the works of the art students.

Postgraduate Exhibition
Date: July 10 - 31
Time: 10:00am – 5:00pm (Mon-Sat);
1:00pm - 5:00pm (Sun);
Art Museum is closed on Thursdays
Venue:  Gallery I, Art Museum, CUHK (MAFA Graduation Exhibition);
3/F, Cheng Ming Building, New Asia College (MFA Graduation and Year One Exhibition);
Hui Gallery and 2/F, Cheng Ming Building, New Asia College (MAFA Year One Exhibition)

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