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Awards for Green Buildings at CUHK

Besides the natural greenery, CUHK has been putting a great effort into constructing green buildings for a sustainable campus. In the latest GreenMAP published by the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC), CUHK was top of the list among local tertiary institutions for the distinctive achievements in buildings certified by the BEAM Society, Hong Kong’s first non-profit organization that provides Building Environmental Assessment services.

Last year, both the Extension to University Library and An Integrated Teaching Building won Merit Awards from the ‘Green Building Award 2014’ organized by HKGBC. Moreover, a number of teaching, research buildings and colleges have also recently won the Indoor Air Quality Certificate (Excellent Class) from the Environmental Protection Department.

During campus development, greening features have been taken into consideration, including the use of daylighting, green roofs, renewable energy, intelligent facilities, building automation systems and other elements. Furthermore, the University also spares no effort in protecting mother nature. When building the Extension to University Library, the iconic Beacon and the Forum were preserved and rebuilt. The house swifts which have been taking shelter under the library roof were also well protected. When planning the construction of Yasumoto International Academic Park and Pommerenke Student Centre, plant conservation was also one of the most critical items on the agenda.

Let’s appreciate the award-winning green buildings on campus through the short video.

The Art of CUHK

The Art of CUHK 2015, organized by the students of the Department of Fine Arts, commenced on May 30 and presented a series of exhibitions on campus, including a BA Graduate Exhibition, an Undergraduate Exhibition and an Invitational and Postgraduate Exhibition.

The highly anticipated BA Graduate Exhibition is titled “Wi1 Wang4 Wang4”, which is the sound of martial arts being practiced in old Chinese movies. It demonstrates the effort the practitioners spent in sharpening, enhancing, and completing their skills and the mindset they needed to pursue the art. This graduate exhibition is a showcase of their work, and a way of letting their voice be “heard”.

For the students, art is not only about creating art pieces in the studio but also about communicating with others and even helping others. During the exhibition period, guided tours will be provided to secondary students and people with special needs; for example, last year, special tours were organized for the visually impaired. Students will also arrange various workshops, such as paper making and tie-dye for secondary school students to experience art in different ways.

Let’s hear the students and a professor from the Department of Fine Arts introduce this year’s exhibitions.

Event details: http://www.cpr.cuhk.edu.hk/tc/events_detail.php?id=11158

CUHK Entrepreneur Day

‘CUHK Entrepreneur Day 2015’ initiated by the CUHK Alumni Torch Fund was held on 22-23 May. The two-day event featured an exhibition, seminars and on-site consultation services. The event was organized by the Alumni Affairs Office and supported by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the University’s Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services, the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Centre for Innovation and Technology, as well as two major CUHK alumni associations - CUHK Convocation and CUHK Federation of Alumni Associations.

The event showcased over 40 projects from nearly 100 alumni, students and teachers of CUHK, covering a wide range of areas, including intelligent detection, genetic testing, mobile games, 3D printing, food waste recycling, and more. Many projects were led by experienced alumni, such as a genetic technology company, set up by alumnus Prof. Kwan-Hoi Shan, a renowned molecular biologist, together with a few young alumni. There were also an online platform for ordering take-away food by alumnus Mr. Alfred Tsoi, the former vice-president and managing director of Yahoo! Hong Kong, and an Online to Offline sales model for ordering tailor made business suits launched by a CUHK student.

Let’s have a look of the opening ceremony and the outstanding exhibition booths through the photos.

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