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The Blooming Campus

The March breeze is like a painter’s brush, coloring the campus with flourishing blossoms.

The heavy fog that came a few days ago turned out to be a prelusion to this amazing spring show, lulling the audience’s eyes before an unexpected scene . All of a sudden, various kinds of flowers are now blooming in the campus.

At this time of the year, the campus is more like a garden, where you can find azalea flourishing in many colors, white, pink and lively red in all different shades. Bauhinia variegates in its full blossom. Fragrant roses, glowing Golden Trumpet-tree and leafy cypress are all frequently visited by lovely butterflies and creatures that become lively with the new season’s arrival. In the campus, people are stunned and stopped by the fragrance and the beautiful scene around.

Just like spring, may the vigorous scene of the campus bring you hope and energy.

Bonding in silence
Breaking barriers in learning – Gladys Tang

Many deaf students have not able to sit for public examinations when finishing their senior high school. For them, the road to university or further education has been cut off at an early stage.

Prof. Gladys Tang from the Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages of CUHK started her research on sign bilingualism for the deaf people in 1993 and has made tremendous breakthroughs in language development and continuous education for children with hearing problems. Years of dedication and hard work earned her the Hong Kong Humanity Award in 2013.

Film Festival at CUHK

The I • CARE Programme launched the ‘I • CARE Film Festival’ this spring. From March 18 to April 8, a total of 26 selected films of different countries and genres, be it classic or contemporary, are being screened around the campus in this three-week event. Distinguished guests including film directors, producers and critics have been invited to join the post-screening seminars and share their passion for and inspiration from films.

Highlights of the event include outdoor screenings in New Asia College and Wu Yee Sun College, 35mm film screening in the Sir Run Run Shaw Hall, and a marathon overnight screening.

Curators of the ‘I • CARE Film Festival’include Fung Ka-ming, film critic and alumni; Eric Tsang, a postgraduate student in Communications and former chairman of CUHK Film Society; Prof. Chow Po-chung, Associate Professor, Department of Government and Public Administration and Prof. Donna Chu, Associate Professor, School of Journalism and Communication. Believing in the power of film to inspire the mind and nourish the heart, they wish to promote the appreciation of film on campus and bring a wide variety of films from around the world to members of CUHK.

Prof. Joseph Sung, Vice-Chancellor of the University said that the festival can give the students a chance, on top of their daily learning and other activities, to contemplate the value of life and the direction of their future via film.

Inaugural Lecture of Li Shu Fan Medical Foundation Professorship in Clinical Oncology by Prof. Tony Mok on 'Declaration of War Against Lung Cancer'
CW Chu College, CUHK
IOFC Forum on the Population Policy of Hong Kong
Inaugural Lecture of Patrick Huen Wing Ming Professorship of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management by Prof Duan Li
"Reading Xixi" (Documentary)
The 27th Ch’ien Mu Lecture in History and Culture, New Asia College
Establishment of CUHK (Shenzhen) Approved by the State Ministry of Education
CUHK Researcher Documents Sustained Mass Loss of Northeast Greenland Ice Sheet Triggered by Regional Warming
Inauguration of CASS-CUHK Chinese Archaeology Joint Research Base

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