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Holding Out Helping Hands

In the last academic year and summer, with the support of the University’s I • CARE Social Service Programme, close to 700 CUHK students held out their helping hands to those in need by participating in over 30 local and overseas service projects.

Last year, Ivan, a year 4 student from the Nethersole School of Nursing at CUHK, paid a preparatory visit with other volunteers to Cambodia to gain a better understanding of the hygiene problems caused by frequent flooding at Kampong Chhnang. This summer, 11 CUHK students and the Pathfinder team worked with the local NGO, Clear Cambodia, to build new sanitary facilities and a water filtration system there, and to share hygiene tips with primary students and local families.

At the same time, another 10 CUHK students joined the programme Connecting Myanmar to help the refugees at the Thai-Burma Border. Their tasks included school renovation, assisting an NGO in conducting a survey on human rights and organizing classes on journalistic techniques and legal theory and practice that would lead to a better understanding of human and constitutional rights.

Closer to home, a third group of students worked on the Golden Dreams project that encouraged the elderly to pursue their dreams and empowered them to live to their fullest. The dreams of the elderly ranged from taking a medical class at the University, experiencing the joy of travelling to giving back to society by helping those in need. The project has recruited over 20 university students as volunteers and helped close to 100 elderly so far.

Now, let’s follow the students to take a closer look at what they have been doing to make the summer really unforgettable.

Cambodia Service Trip
Connecting Myanmar
Golden Dreams

Party Under the Full Moon

As members of the CUHK family, over 400 staff of the University got together at the Chung Chi Tang on 8 September to spend a cheerful and relaxing evening with Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung, Vice-Chancellor of CUHK.

On the stage, Professor Sung and the management team sang ‘Moon River’ to celebrate the festival. Other colleagues staged an engaging musical show in which they mimicked famous pop stars from the 1970s. Everyone had a fun time enjoying the performances and sharing a night of joy and laughter.

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