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Dates of graduation ceremonies:

  • 19 Nov 2020 (Thu)
    88th Congregation for the Conferment of Bachelor’s Degrees organized by respective Colleges
  • 20-21 Nov 2020 (Fri-Sat)
    88th Congregation for the Conferment of Master’s Degrees organized by respective Faculties
  • 3 Dec 2020 (Thu)
    89th Congregation for the Conferment of Honorary and Doctoral Degrees

Since Hong Kong and many parts of the world are under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University’s congregation of this year will be conducted in a simplified and dignified manner. In order to avoid a large crowd gathering, the centralised ceremony that is usually held at the University Mall will be organised by Colleges and Faculties. The University will closely monitor the COVID-19 situation in Hong Kong. If the pandemic worsens, a VIRTUAL ceremony in an online format to confer the respective degrees would be arranged. An announcement on contingencies will be released on or after 23 October 2020 for the necessary preparation in advance.



Please click the following links to read the Notices. 



Notice of the Congregation has been sent out by phases. Online registration for admission ticket and gown rental is now open.